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Designed by local industry, the Manufacturing Management is a unique associate degree program that meets the needs of the workplace through a combination of supply chain, quality, lean, leadership, and supervisory skills.

Manufacturing Management
Associate Degree • 4 terms • 67 credits



Discover your career passion at LTC.

If you are currently in a supervisory or mid-management role in a manufacturing or service industry and have a desire to improve your skills and make a difference in your organization, the Manufacturing Management program is could be your key to further success.

Come to LTC and let us help you cultivate and share your passion for Manufacturing Management.


Your career potential is endless with the LTC Manufacturing Management program. Whether you jump right back into your career or build on your LTC credits to earn additional degrees, this program will prepare you to:

  • Display respect for individual differences and work cooperatively to build rapport and to achieve team goals.
  • Develop and manage teams to enhance work productivity.
  • Manage quality control.
  • Implement better decision-making skills and utilize successful problem-solving processes.
  • Perform successfully in the supervisory roles of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling.
  • Integrate technology into the supply chain to improve profitability.
  • Provide an uninterrupted flow of materials, supplies, and services required to operate the organization.
  • Analyze and negotiate contracts with suppliers, manufacturers, and/or distributors.


Your career payoff starts with your LTC degree and a potential annual starting salary of $51,897.

But, there's more. Employers hire our grads, promote them, and tell us they would recommend them to other employers. So what jobs can recent graduates expect?

Some of them include:

  • Supervisor
  • Team Leader
  • Global Sourcing Supply Specialist
  • Foreman

Potential Employers include:

  • Brillion Iron Works
  • Sargento Foods, Inc.
  • HUI
  • Curt J. Joa, Inc.

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