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There's more to Marketing at LTC. For example, the Integrated Web Concepts class is taught in collaboration with the IT and Graphic Arts departments to teach more than just content strategy. This integrated curriculum is the LTC Marketing edge.

Associate Degree • 4 terms • 67 credits



Discover your career passion at LTC.

Picture yourself as a marketing professional. Your personality is geared toward working with people and keeping up with the latest trends and ideas. You're curious about what drives people to choose one product over another, are excited about generating fresh ideas, and enjoy variety and change. A career in marketing may be picture-perfect for you!

Come to LTC and let us help you discover, cultivate and share your passion for marketing.


Your career potential is endless with the LTC Marketing program. Whether you jump right into your career or build on your LTC credits to earn additional degrees, this program will prepare you to:

  • Generate marketing information for effective decision making
  • Create a personal professional development plan
  • Develop a product and service mix
  • Manage marketing in a business
  • Formulate selling strategies
  • Design a promotional plan
  • Assess emerging global trade activities that impact marketing
  • Apply continuous improvement strategies to solve marketing problems
  • Apply technology to marketing and marketing information systems


Your career payoff starts with your LTC degree and a potential annual starting salary of $42,481.

But, there's more. Employers hire our grads, promote them, and tell us they would recommend them to other employers. So what jobs did our recent graduates land?

Some of them include:

  • Sales Coordinator
  • Associate Product Marketing Manager
  • Reservation and Marketing Manager
  • Internet Sales Manager
  • National Sales Rep

And they're working for organizations like:

  • Kohler Power Systems
  • Ariens Company
  • Americinn of Plymouth
  • First Chrysler, Inc
  • Imperial Supplies

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