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Materials and Supply materials management has evolved with new technology, use of the internet, and the business-to-business e-commerce explosion. LTC works with local companies to keep ahead of this curve.

Supply Chain Management
Associate Degree • 4 terms • 65 credits



Discover your career passion at LTC.

If you like working with people, computers, and data and are interested in working in an ever-changing logistics, manufacturing, service, or health care field, a career in materials/supply chain management is for you.

Come to LTC and let us help you cultivate and share your passion for Supply Chain Management.


Your career potential is endless with the LTC Supply Chain Management program. Whether you jump right into your career or build on your LTC credits to earn additional degrees, this program will prepare you to:

  • Provide an uninterrupted flow of materials, supplies, and services required to operate the organization.
  • Manage inventory levels.
  • Manage customer inventory levels.
  • Maintain quality control.
  • Develop productive working relationships with external constituents (such as vendors and retailers) and internal departments (such as the Marketing, Accounting, Engineering, and MIS departments).
  • Analyze and negotiate contracts with suppliers, manufacturers, and/or distributors.
  • Develop solutions regarding capacity and production planning, resource allocation, and facility location.
  • Integrate technology into the supply chain to improve profitability; for example, utilize ebusiness.
  • Schedule the transportation and logistics of product/service to its final destination.
  • Coordinate a simple project.


Your career payoff starts with your LTC degree and a potential annual starting salary of $38,749.

But, there's more. Employers hire our grads, promote them, and tell us they would recommend them to other employers. So what jobs can recent graduates expect?

Some of them include:

  • Purchasing/ Planning
  • Improvement Engineer
  • ISO Consultant
  • Assistant Transportation Coordinator

Potential Employers include:

  • Capitol Stamping
  • Piggly Wiggly Midwest
  • Skana Aluminum
  • Kohler Co.

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