Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP)

AQIP is alternative evaluation process for organizations already accredited. AQIP is structured around quality improvement principles and processes. Continuous quality improvement is the focus through regular internal and external review of processes, results measurement, benchmarking, identification and action of improvements. The reviews are completed through the following.

LTC's 2012 AQIP Systems Portfolio
The Systems Portfolio documents context, processes, results and improvements through a series of questions arranged in nine categories. The Portfolio serves a number of purposes:

  1. evidence to show the Higher Learning Commission that Criteria for Accreditation are met
  2. means to receive feedback on organizational strengths and opportunities from a team trained in quality improvement
  3. common reference point in the organization to share an understanding of the organization, key processes, performance, and how to improve
  4. provides input into the planning process

LTC's 2012 AQIP Systems Appraisal Feedback Report
A trained team of higher educational professionals and/or others experienced in continuous quality improvement read and assess the Systems Portfolio. They provide feedback identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement for each question response as well as their viewpoint of the highest strategic priorities for the organization’s future.

LTC 2014 AQIP Quality Checkup Visit Report
"A Quality Checkup is a formative evaluation activity designed to help the institution accelerate its continuous improvement journey. Quality Checkups are not designed to determine, by themselves, whether institutions "pass" or "fail" accreditation standards. The team is responsible for helping the institution discover where and how to invest its energies in the future for maximum payback." - The Higher Learning Commission, AQIP Quality Checkup Guide, p. 5.

The checkup visit team uses the Systems Portfolio, Appraisal Feedback, Quality Summary, and Federal Compliance Report to prepare for the visit. During the visit, they focus on discussions with stakeholders to assess commitment to quality, ensure that actions are as stated in the Portfolio, and help identify areas for improvement.

Reaffirmation of Accreditation
An AQIP Review Panel on Reaffirmation reviews LTC's evidence. The evidence is a eight year culmination of Systems Portfolios, Systems Appraisal Feedback, Comprehensive Quality Review Report, Action Projects, improvements made, and annual institutional updates.

AQIP Action Projects
Action Projects push colleges to continuously improve by consistently working on a minimum of three projects at one time. The Action Project Directory allows colleges to share successes and improvements with others.

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