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In fall 2015, LTC joined Achieving the Dream, a national nonprofit dedicated to helping community college students succeed.

Achieving the Dream is focused on creating a “culture of evidence” on community college campuses in which data collection and analysis drive efforts to identify problems that prevent students from succeeding and develop programs to help them stay in school and receive a certificate or diploma.

As a member of Achieving the Dream, LTC has created a vision statement and is identifying strategies to:

  • Improve student success
  • Close achievement gaps
  • Increase retention, persistence, and completion rates


  • 2015-16 Year 1:  Data Collection
  • 2016-17 Year 2:  Implementation
  • 2017-18 Year 3:  Evaluation

LTC is the third college in Wisconsin to join Achieving the Dream

For more information about LTC and Achieving the Dream, contact:

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