Strategic Plan & Budget

Strategies & Goals 2013-17

To support the mission and vision of Lakeshore Technical College, the following strategies and goals have been developed for the period of 2013-17. These strategies and goals are essential in determining priorities and making decisions.


Workforce Development
strategy1.jpg Anticipate and respond to employer needs.

1.1 Increase student internships, faculty externships, and advisory committee participation.

1.2 Adopt delivery methods that meet employer needs and student needs.

1.3 Expand and refine programming to anticipate and align with industry needs.



Filling the Pipeline
strategy2.jpg Position LTC as the choice for career and technical education in the Lakeshore area.

2.1 Increase the number of adults (25 and older) that enroll in programs.

2.2 Increase the direct and two year transition rate of high school students.

2.3 Increase involvement in community to raise awareness and create connections.



Student Success
strategy3.jpg Provide the resources and systems students need to achieve their goal.

3.1 Implement a model to ensure all program students are advised through graduation.

3.2 Increase course completion in the first semester.

3.3 Enhance Career Services support for students.



Institutional Effectiveness
strategy4.jpg Continuously improve our people, processes and learning environment.

4.1 Ensure every customer has an exceptional experience.

4.2 Demonstrate student learning by assessing core abilities and program outcomes.

4.3 Maximize resources to achieve the strategies.

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