State Announces Changes to GED Program, Current Students Must Finish in 2013




Each year, nearly 9,000 Wisconsin adults earn a certificate of high school completion, which opens doors to employment, further education, and opportunity. However, changes are on the horizon for the (General Equivalency Diploma) GED program in Wisconsin and across the nation. When the new computer-based series of tests is launched in 2014, scores from the 2002 Series GED will expire.

“December 13, 2013, is the deadline for anyone who started taking the current GED series of tests to finish,” said State DPI Superintendent Tony Evers. “The Department of Public Instruction is partnering with testing center, adult basic education, and community-based organization staff; literacy group volunteers; and corrections personnel to reach out and find people who started the current GED series and help them finish before they must start over with the new tests.”

The new tests respond to changes in education, the workplace, and the world since the 2002 GED Series was introduced. The new GED assessments will be based on the Common Core State Standards and other college and career readiness standards. Those standards are what states, including Wisconsin, are using to develop new student assessments to better reflect expectations for postsecondary studies and the workforce. The four tested content areas — literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies — will measure a foundational core of knowledge and skills that are essential for career and college readiness.

Adults who want to complete the 2002 Series GED must physically go to a testing center to take the tests but do not have to finish the series at the same testing center where they started. While information about the GED program and finishing the 2002 series GED is available online, the GED test cannot be taken online. GED tests can only be taken at an official GED testing center. Wisconsin's GED website, which includes a list of testing centers in the state, is available at

Lakeshore Technical College is one 76 testing centers in the state and with a pass rate of 89% for the third consecutive year, LTC's GED student success is a testament to the hard work and determination of students along with the support, instruction and preparation LTC offers students.

“Opportunity awaits those completing their GED,” says Sue Kinneston, Chief GED Examiner at LTC. “In addition to those who need to complete their testing, I would encourage anyone who is even thinking about obtaining a GED to contact us. LTC offers a support system and preparation program that is a proven success.”

LTC offers testing sites in both Manitowoc and Sheboygan. If you would like to complete your GED testing or would like enroll in the 2014 series, please contact LTC-Sheboygan at 208-5881 or LTC-Manitowoc at 683-2881.

About Lakeshore Technical College

Each year more than 10,000 people enroll in courses at Lakeshore Technical College. They rely on LTC for job preparation, to earn a degree, upgrade a specialized skill, train as an apprentice, or seek a high school equivalency. LTC faculty and staff meet students where they are in life and help them get one step closer to achieving their goals.

LTC is a nationally recognized technical college. The college was ranked the #2 two-year college in the nation for adult learners by Washington Monthly, the #17 trade school in the nation by Forbes, #11 in the nation for two-year college educational outcomes by, a top-150 two-year college for the fifth consecutive time by the Aspen Institute, and a top 10 Bellwether Award finalist.

Approximately 800 students graduate from LTC each year, and LTC’s associate degree graduates earn a median salary of $47,800* per year. In addition to the Cleveland campus, LTC serves students in Manitowoc and Sheboygan, and offers classes at additional sites throughout the district. Visit LTC at

*Source: 2019 LTC Graduate Outcomes report, 795 graduates contacted to complete the survey; 508 graduates or 64% completed the survey.

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