LTC Receives Grant to Fund Scholarship for Nuclear Technology Program





Lakeshore Technical College has received a grant of more than $50,000 from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission to fund 23 scholarships for students interested in LTC’s Nuclear Technology Program. The scholarships will be implemented immediately and available to students as early as the 2014-15 school year.

“Not only is our program the longest running nuclear technology program in the country but LTC earned NUCP (Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program) certification of its curriculum in 2011,” said Rich Hoerth, Executive Dean, Manufacturing Trade & Agriculture. “This program meets the guidelines published by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations National Academy for Nuclear Training and meets the requirements of the nuclear power industry.”

LTC’s economically disadvantaged student population is 19% of the total college enrollment and 75% of the students enroll part time due to employment while in school. The grant addresses those financial barriers, and provides $50,600 to award scholarships allowing students to attend the Nuclear Technology program on a full-time basis.  

“The benefit of this project is that it allows students to enroll full time, complete their degree in two years and help fill critical workforce needs in nuclear power generation,” says Hoerth.

According to the National Energy Institute, about half the nuclear industry's work force will be eligible to retire during the next 10 years. Along with plans for industry growth, the expected attrition of a large portion of the industry’s total work force has prompted an unprecedented recruitment effort throughout the industry.

To meet current and projected employment needs for the nuclear power industry, LTC has had a Nuclear Technology Associate of Applied Science Degree Program in place since 2008 and has two shared program agreements; one with neighboring Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) in Green Bay, WI and the other with Blackhawk Technical College (BTC) in Janesville, WI.

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