LTC Honors Graduates at Spring Commencement



TraceyTemme and Dylan Temme


Tracey Temme and Dylan Temme, walked across the stage with their degree in hand from LTC on May 16. The father and son duo, both residents of Manitowoc, earned associate degrees in the Electro - Mechanical Technology program and each finished with a perfect 4.0 grade point average. However, both took different paths to ultimately meet on the stage of LTC spring graduation ceremony.


Tracey was in the process of a career change when began his LTC program in January of 2012, initially taking classes on a full time basis.  Electro-Mechanical Technology involves working with automated manufacturing equipment, learning and maintaining complex systems of assembly, control measurement, and material processing of manufactured products. A year into the program, Tracey began working full time in Facilities Maintenance at Nemak in Sheboygan and switched to taking classes on a part time basis. Tracy appreciated the flexibility that allowed him to take classes around his work schedule and still complete the program in just a little over three years.


"I had a pretty full schedule but I enjoy hands-on work and fixing things," said Tracey. "The classes were fulfilling and taught me a lot that I've been able to apply in my work."


Dylan's route was a bit more traditional. After high school, Dylan earned an associate's degree from UW- Manitowoc but wasn't sure what type of career he wanted to pursue.


"Watching my Dad go through the Electro-Mechanical Technology program really spiked my interest," says Dylan. "I thought I would really like it so I enrolled full time in the fall of 2013."


While in the program, Dylan met an instructor who helped him land a part time job at Kohler Co. in the Machine Build & Process Automation department doing automation cell design and robotic programming.


"I started last June and I really enjoy the robotics programming," says Dylan. "I begin working full time at Kohler Company next week and my program has prepared me for the challenge. It couldn't have worked out any better."


Dylan and Tracey may have taken different routes to get the same result but the journey was worth it. 


"It's a really great feeling to share this with Dylan," says Tracey. "I am happy for me and I'm proud of Dylan.  To be able to celebrate together like this is a really great experience." 


The Temme's joined 428 other LTC graduates who also earned degrees. They are listed by hometown:



Nicole Claudon, Court Reporting



Kassandra Kanter, Pharmacy Services Management; Donna Baeten, Pharmacy Technician; Amy Bryant, Pharmacy Technician; Leng Xiong, Pharmacy Technician



Kasey Kastenschmidt, Pharmacy Technician



Jason Acevedo, IT-Computer Support Specialist; Connie Schrank, Medical Coding Specialist; Ronald Lemmermann, Welding-Industrial



Jacob Miller, Fabrication Technician; Garrett Wenzel, Fire Medic



Vanessa Bobzien, Dairy Herd Management



Kelli Unsinn, Pharmacy Technician



Thomas Malone, Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing Technician; Kelly Everard, Child Care Services; Adam Feld, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Leah Mendini, Dental Assistant; Devlen Kraemer, Fabrication Technician; Zone Vang, IT-Network Specialist



Chelsea Ronsman, Opthalmic Medical Assistant



Briana Propson, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Emily Preston, Graphic & Web Design; Amanda Denor, Medical Assistant


Cedar Grove

Bryan Baumgart, Automotive Maintenance Technician; Justin DeSmidt, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; William Paulus, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Helen Villarreal, Medical Assistant; Jordan Duenk, Welding-Industrial



David McGinnis, Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing Technician; Dana Krepline, Dental Assistant; Austin Schisel, Industrial Maintenance; Parker Stecker, Welding-Industrial



Eric Schlei, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Robert Pragalz, Horticulture Technician; Jacob Henschel, Mechanical Design Technology; Mariann Kohl, Medical Assistant; Sarah Szczepanski, Practical Nursing; Jacob Langenfeld, Wind Energy Technology; Noah Lindemann, Wind Energy Technology



Jennifer Ziereis, Pharmacy Technician



Melissa Bubolz, Medical Assistant; Carrie Bratz, Office Assistant


De Pere

Justin Behrendt, Accounting


Elkhart Lake

Patricia Heinrich, Accounting; Ben Mattson, Automotive Maintenance Technician; Dallas Kahlhamer, Business Management; Robert Schmidt, Business Management; Amy Gross, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Ryan Meyer, Electro-Mechanical Technology; Maxx Liebig, IT-Web & Software Developer; Ryan Kraemer, Manufacturing Management; Kimberly Hertel, Medical Assistant; Elizabeth De Mito, Nursing-Associate Degree


Fond du Lac

Stephanie Groshek, Court Reporting; Nicola Burnett, Pharmacy Technician; Laina Gantner, Pharmacy Technician; Ryan Whittaker, Wind Energy Technology


Francis Creek

Kathy Robisch, Accounting and Paralegal



Duncan Freiburger, Fabrication Technician



Micah Freis, Electro-Mechanical Technology; Bryce Lueck, Fabrication Technician; Sharon Roth, Medical Assistant; Wendy Lueck, Nursing-Associate Degree


Green Bay

Cassandra Paremski, Court Reporting; Andrew Schultz, Dairy Herd Management; Desiree Graf, Nuclear Technology



Garet Morgenroth, Nuclear Technology



Macallister Cashell, Dairy Herd Management; Kolton Krueger, Dairy Herd Management; Nicholas Probst, Dairy Herd Management; Devon Schneider, Dairy Herd Management



Anna Dykstra, Medical Assistant


Howards Grove

Matthew Osladil, Dairy Herd Management; Tabetha Theobald, Dental Assistant; Kayla Wildman, Marketing; Aimee Thiel, Medical Coding Specialist; Karla Venetjoki, Medical Coding Specialist


Indianapolis, IN

Emma Fillafer, Early Childhood Education



William Tadisch, Business Management; David Steinhorst, Dairy Herd Management



Maxine Becker, Administrative Professional; Benjamin Jeanty, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Katie Ratajczak, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Maggie Ratajczak, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Carly Dorn, Dental Assistant; Ashley Droste, Early Childhood Education; Trevor Riesterer, Electro-Mechanical Technology; Tyler Meyer, Horticulture Technician; William O'Neil, Horticulture Technician; Travis Truttschel, IT-Network Specialist and IT-Web & Software Developer; Ashley England, Nursing-Associate Degree; Lisa LeDuc, Practical Nursing; Michael Scheibl, Supply Chain Management; Tyler Meyer, Sustainable Landscape Horticulture



Timothy Fibiger, Accounting


Lake Mills

Todd Yandre, Emergency Management


Las Vegas, NV

Jennifer Campbell, Nursing-Associate Degree



Evan Schrauth, Dairy Herd Management; Pamela Schertzl, Paralegal



Taisia Belinske, Administrative Professional; Jennifer Nettles, Administrative Professional; Heather Schmidlkofer, Administrative Professional; Brianna Sprague, Administrative Professional; Dakota Waack, Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing Technician; Nicholas Westerhausen, Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing Technician; Amy Cain, Automotive Maintenance Technician; Erik Meyer, Automotive Maintenance Technician; Angelica McNeil, Business Management; Mariah Meyer, Business Management; Samantha Shallue, Court Reporting; Kimberly Albright, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Kathleen Brendemuehl, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Bryce Risch, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Evelyn Walker, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Philip Weber, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Carley Wotachek, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Stephanie Baus, Dairy Herd Management; Pa Coua Xiong, Dental Assistant; Joseph Baron, Electro-Mechanical Technology; Matthew Brunsell, Electro-Mechanical Technology; Adam Edwards, Electro-Mechanical Technology; Wayne Hurkmans, Electro-Mechanical Technology; Derek Rosinsky, Electro-Mechanical Technology; Joseph Schroeder, Electro-Mechanical Technology; Dylan Temme, Electro-Mechanical Technology; Tracey Temme, Electro-Mechanical Technology; Annel Ramirez Gomez, Fabrication Technician; Taylor Grall, Golf Course Management; Marsha Lippert, Graphic & Web Design; Carole Martinco, Graphic & Web Design; Suzanne Sielski, Graphic & Web Design; Matthew Stone, Graphic & Web Design; Lynda Nanod, Health Care Technician and Health Unit Coordinator; Mai Lia Vang, Health Unit Coordinator; Dylan Budan, Horticulture Technician; Kayla Qualman, Horticulture Technician; Barbara Kinas, Human Resource Administration; Stephanie Broeckert, Individualized Tech Studies--Fire Rescue Technician; Lori Elfner, Individualized Tech Studies--Digital Marketing; Krisann Robar, Individualized Tech Studies--Industrial Welding and Metal Fabrication in Manufacturing; Alec Dose, IT-Computer Support Specialist; Jason Gunderson, IT-Computer Support Specialist; Dohn Koeppel, IT-Computer Support Specialist; Maite Nava, IT-Computer Support Specialist; Matthew Carpenter, IT-Network Specialist; Mason Wilson, IT-Network Specialist; Christopher Woller, IT-Network Specialist; Debra Brahm, IT-Web & Software Developer; Ashley Skarvan, IT-Web & Software Developer; William Spiering, IT-Web & Software Developer; Keith Kugler, Machine Tool Operation; Yay Xiong, Machine Tool Operation; Mary Benzinger, Manufacturing Management; Mark Lehman, Marketing; Mackenzie Wallin, Marketing; Monica Larson, Mechanical Design Technology; Yee Lo, Medical Assistant; Bee Vang, Medical Assistant; Cynthia Kalbes, Medical Coding Specialist; Nichole  Remiker, Medical Coding Specialist; Andrew Parker, Nuclear Technology; Melissa Andrastek, Nursing-Associate Degree; Kate Culligan, Nursing-Associate Degree; Sherry Meola, Nursing-Associate Degree; Hailey Vondrachek, Nursing-Associate Degree; Kara Roberts, Office Assistant; Stephanie Sielski, Pharmacy Services Management; Nicole Daetz, Practical Nursing; Amber Hoeffner, Practical Nursing; Blia Lee, Practical Nursing; Christine Lensmire, Practical Nursing; Dana Lopez, Quality Assurance Technician; Shane Rodriguez, Supervisory Management; Casey Bartels, Welding-Industrial; Jonathon Shimon, Welding-Industrial; Francisco Velazquez, Welding-Industrial



Leonard Kowalski, CNC Technician



Lucas Hartwig, Nuclear Technology



Amy Simon, Pharmacy Services Management



Brianna Ahumada, Dairy Herd Management; Christine Hornak, Nursing-Associate Degree



Anna Runge, Nursing-Associate Degree


New Berlin

Lauren Procarione, Paralegal


New Holstein

Kristine Reitzel, Accounting; Hailey Tasch, Administrative Professional; Brooke Koeser, Fabrication Technician; Jennifer Hofschild, Nursing-Associate Degree; Susan Kramp, Practical Nursing



Corey Stock, Electro-Mechanical Technology; Kevin Jacky, Golf Operations; Brandon Resch, Horticulture Technician; Alexander Bohn, Industrial Maintenance; Jennifer Schneider, Nursing-Associate Degree



Levi Lammers, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Katelyn Flipse, Health Unit Coordinator; Maria Joosse, Nursing-Associate Degree; Jodi Raih, Nursing-Associate Degree; Kayla Scholten, Nursing-Associate Degree; Megan TenHaken, Nursing-Associate Degree; Patricia Trekas, Nursing-Associate Degree; Michelle Wichman, Nursing-Associate Degree; Jordan Fleischfresser, Pharmacy Technician; Bo Chang , Pharmacy Technician



Stephen Schlais, Mechanical Design Technology



Ann Smith, Accounting; Kayla Schram, Administrative Professional; Dennis Wantland, Automotive Maintenance Technician; Katie Hanson, Broadcast Captioning; Heather Strobel, Child Care Services; Amber Clark, Human Resource Administration; Chelsey Mauer, Individualized Tech Studies--Agriculture Marketing; William Miley, IT-Computer Support Specialist; Zachariah Her, IT-Network Specialist; Ashley Streck, Marketing; Brittany Streck, Marketing; Megan Thelen, Practical Nursing


Random Lake

Amber Hubing, Accounting; Diana Picazo, Health Care Technician; Hannah Leider, Health Unit Coordinator; Diana Picazo, Health Unit Coordinator



Lexie Peterman, Administrative Professional; Phillip Steinberg, Electro-Mechanical Technology; Eric Stenzel, IT-Network Specialist; Benjamin Propson, Manufacturing Management; Ben Kalies, Mechanical Design Technology; Brenda Russell, Nuclear Technology; Kayla Sheahan, Paralegal; Tim Denor, Quality Assurance Technician; Benjamin Propson, Quality Assurance Technician; Anna Jacobson, Welding-Industrial; Renee Kasten, Welding-Industrial



Kimberly Giessel, Pharmacy Technician



Julie Schaub, Pharmacy Services Management



Teresa Wojciechowski, Medical Coding Specialist



Amanda Boor, Accounting; Debbie Dirks, Accounting; Aleah Krause, Accounting; Jessica Mohnsam, Accounting; Kris Wheeler, Accounting; Janice Worthey, Accounting; Logan Yang, Accounting; Aleah Krause, Accounting Assistant; Illina Oliveira, Accounting Assistant; Brooke Post, Administrative Professional; Lisa Seefeldt, Administrative Professional; Patricia Windle, Administrative Professional; Charles Denny, Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing Technician; Michael Jansen, Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing Technician; Derek Pantel, Automotive Maintenance Technician; Jennifer Erickson, Business Management; Gina Koelpin, Business Management; Danielle Repinski, Business Management; Jack Wallace, Business Management; Dane Yang, CNC Technician; David Kapitz, Court Reporting; Brittany Peters, Court Reporting; Abby Hilbelink, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Sung Oetzel, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Samantha Olsen, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Alexander Webster, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Stuart Schwan, Culinary Arts; Manuel Collado, Dairy Herd Management; Riana Rivest, Dairy Herd Management; Erin Landgraf, Dental Assistant; Tessa Olli, Dental Assistant; Morgan Koscielniak, Early Childhood Education; Tina LaGow, Early Childhood Education; Victoria Legaspi, Early Childhood Education; Jonathan Gee, Electro-Mechanical Technology; Kevin Blessing, Fabrication Technician; Gregory Brack, Fabrication Technician; Steve Ferguson, Fabrication Technician; Tina Luedke, Graphic & Web Design; Taryn Mills, Graphic & Web Design; Ruth Webb, Graphic & Web Design; Virginia Randall, Health Care Technician; Mai See Xiong, Health Care Technician; Mai Moua Yang, Health Care Technician; Virginia Randall, Health Unit Coordinator; Tabitha Renzelman, Health Unit Coordinator; Lindita Hidri, Hotel/Hospitality Management; Amy Vang, Human Resource Administration; Melissa Witzeling, Human Resource Administration; Mary Meinnert, Individualized Tech Studies--Health Information Technology; Brownel Lee, IT-Computer Support Specialist; Branko Paseta, IT-Computer Support Specialist; Taylor Schmitz, IT-Computer Support Specialist; James Gamez, IT-Network Specialist; Ryan Geisler, IT-Network Specialist; CeTee Ly, IT-Network Specialist; Andrew Liebhard, IT-Web & Software Developer; Taryn Mills, IT-Web & Software Developer; Matthew Misslich, IT-Web & Software Developer; Terri Much, Machine Tool Operation; Dane Yang, Machine Tool Operation; Kyle Calvert, Marketing; Jodi Lamers, Marketing; Velyi Lor, Marketing; Tiffany Schlafke, Marketing; Wendi Schmid, Marketing; Jennifer Butler, Mechanical Design Technology; Chad Moan, Mechanical Design Technology; Michael Rach, Mechanical Design Technology; Joshoua Vang, Mechanical Design Technology; Thana Oney, Medical Assistant; Grethe Isken, Medical Coding Specialist; Kimberly Nichols, Medical Coding Specialist; Carrie Schultz, Medical Coding Specialist; Kerri Wieskamp, Medical Coding Specialist; Heidi Wood, Medical Coding Specialist; Paula Bergen, Nursing-Associate Degree; Kristi Hasenstein, Nursing-Associate Degree; Ashley Hendrixson, Nursing-Associate Degree; Nicole Johnsrud, Nursing-Associate Degree; Kaylene Kilgore, Nursing-Associate Degree; Ia Lor, Nursing-Associate Degree; Losa Mailo-Podewils, Nursing-Associate Degree; Leanna Basch, Office Assistant; Keri Frank, Office Assistant; Heather Hening, Office Assistant; Jessica Beltran, Ophthalmic Medical Assistant; Melissa Lee, Ophthalmic Medical Assistant; Der Xiong, Ophthalmic Medical Assistant; Mai Choua Xiong, Ophthalmic Medical Assistant; Molly Aschenbach, Paralegal; Samantha Schano, Paralegal; Zsong Her, Pharmacy Technician; Rebecca Bohaty, Practical Nursing; Heather Herziger, Practical Nursing; Amy Marchiando, Practical Nursing; Alyssa Negron, Practical Nursing; Jessica Reimer, Practical Nursing; Stacy Tharaldson, Practical Nursing; Heather Wiederhold, Practical Nursing; Jalesa Freese, Supervisory Management; Laura Brookins, Supply Chain Management; Karen Eckert, Supply Chain Management; Todd Dondlinger, Sustainable Landscape Horticulture; Sheri McGee, Sustainable Landscape Horticulture; Robert Schroeder, Technical Studies-Journeyworker; Damien Hernandez, Welding-Industrial; Aaron Kunstman, Welding-Industrial; Jesse Oltrogge, Welding-Industrial; Nicholas Stapel, Welding-Industrial; Chris Wakeman, Welding-Industrial; Jesse Wolfgram, Welding-Industrial; Kurtis Leffelman, Wind Energy Technology; Mia Yang, Health Care Technician


Sheboygan Falls

Dina Schleicher, Ophthalmic Medical Assistant; Jesse Hibbs, Industrial Maintenance; Isaias Reyes, Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing Technician; Dustin Schneider, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Jacob Woehlke, Culinary Arts; Tessa Wilterdink, Early Childhood Education; Cole Irwin, Fabrication Technician; Celeste Mattheis, Graphic & Web Design; Patricia Blome, Health Care Technician; Patricia Blome, Health Unit Coordinator; Joe Goedeke, Industrial Maintenance; Bradley Henning, Industrial Maintenance; Thomas Leubner, IT-Computer Support Specialist; Nicole Hadley, Medical Coding Specialist; Jenna Dickert, Nursing-Associate Degree; Tara Schneider, Nursing-Associate Degree; Megan Freitag, Ophthalmic Medical Assistant; Marissa Graff, Practical Nursing; David Nowak, Welding-Industrial



Molly Krizenesky, Ophthalmic Medical Assistant


Saint Nazianz

Becky Mrotek, Horticulture Technician; Amanda Handle, Practical Nursing; Andrew Ahrens, Welding-Industrial; Emily Holder, Human Resource Administration; Amber Endries, Practical Nursing

Two Rivers

Shoua Xiong, Accounting; Stephanie Leonhard, Administrative Professional; Christina Onderbeke, Administrative Professional; Linda Penke, Administrative Professional; Joshua Krahn, Automotive Maintenance Technician; Lee Gauthier, CNC Technician; Jean Shaum, CNC Technician; Sonenarin Keodara, Electro-Mechanical Technology; Tim Denk, Golf Course Management; Cally Krizizke, Graphic & Web Design; Pa Nhia Vang , Graphic & Web Design; Kendra Kozaczuk, Health Care Technician; Kendra Kozaczuk, Health Unit Coordinator; Mark Guehlstorf, Individualized Tech Studies--Fire Rescue and EMS Specialist; Mitchel Jaskolski, IT-Network Specialist; Brandon Daetz, Mechanical Design Technology; Dylan Rusch, Mechanical Design Technology; Meghan Kratochvil, Medical Assistant; Mary Plansky, Medical Coding Specialist; Taya Tome, Medical Coding Specialist; Sarah Ratajczak, Nursing-Associate Degree; Janice Thor, Nursing-Associate Degree; Mary Plansky, Ophthalmic Medical Assistant; Catherine Booth, Practical Nursing; Dakota Elfner, Practical Nursing; Kimberly Kasten, Practical Nursing; Frank Kulpa, Supervisory Management; Teresa Azzoli, Supply Chain Management; Carey Bender, Welding-Industrial; Randell Lavender, Welding-Industrial; Andrew Sachs, Welding-Industrial; Spencer Sleger, Wind Energy Technology



Dylan Hammel, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Jason Herzog, Individualized Tech Studies-Networking Administration and Maintenance; James Dugan, Welding-Industrial; Jason Radl, Welding-Industrial; Spencer VanPay, Welding-Industrial



Jaime Adkins, Administrative Professional; Anna DeGroff , Administrative Professional; Mary Eresh, Graphic & Web Design; Benjamin Claerbaut, Horticulture Technician; Chad Giles, Practical Nursing; Benjamin Claerbaut; Sustainable Landscape Horticulture



Andrew Buiter, Dairy Herd Management



Briana Cantalupo, Pharmacy Technician


West Bend

Joshua Selk, IT-Web & Software Developer; Nicole Guillette, Nursing-Associate Degree; Mariana Tetzlaff, Paralegal; Jacob Lawrence, Wind Energy Technology



Daniel Petrzelka, Industrial Maintenance; Brian Walt, Industrial Maintenance; McKensie Klein, Nursing-Associate Degree; Brittany Mangin, Nursing-Associate Degree



Sarah Schultz, Pharmacy Technician


About Lakeshore Technical College

Each year more than 10,000 people enroll in courses at Lakeshore Technical College. They rely on LTC for job preparation, to earn a degree, upgrade a specialized skill, train as an apprentice, or seek a high school equivalency. LTC faculty and staff meet students where they are in life and help them get one step closer to achieving their goals.

LTC is a nationally recognized technical college. The college was ranked the #2 two-year college in the nation for adult learners by Washington Monthly, the #17 trade school in the nation by Forbes, #11 in the nation for two-year college educational outcomes by, a top-150 two-year college for the fifth consecutive time by the Aspen Institute, and a top 10 Bellwether Award finalist.

Approximately 800 students graduate from LTC each year, and LTC’s associate degree graduates earn a median salary of $47,800* per year. In addition to the Cleveland campus, LTC serves students in Manitowoc and Sheboygan, and offers classes at additional sites throughout the district. Visit LTC at

*Source: 2019 LTC Graduate Outcomes report, 795 graduates contacted to complete the survey; 508 graduates or 64% completed the survey.

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