Staff Directory

Abel, Sharon ABE/GED Instructor-Sheboygan County Detention Center 920-693-1747
Abts, Polly Vice President of Student Success 920-693-1221
Adams, Benjamen Auto Maintenance Technology Instructor 920-693-1252
Agnew, Mary Adjunct Instructor
Albright, Kimberly Campus Police 920-693-1155
Allee, Coleen Medical Assistant Instructor 920-693-1642
Allen, David Adjunct Instructor
Anderson, Kurk Adjunct Instructor
Andrade, Mark General Advisor 920-208-5884
Annis, John Adjunct Instructor
Anschutz, David Adjunct Instructor
Aprill, Michael Adjunct Instructor
Arndt, Pilar Pre College Instructional Assistant-LTC Sheboygan 920-208-5883
Aschenbach, Faye Public Safety EMS Specialist 920-693-1613
Ashenbrener, Bryanna Career Placement Specialist 920-693-1374
Avci, Kay Associate Dean of Nursing 920-693-1207
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Bachmann, Brenda Graphic & Web Design and Administrative Professional Instructor 920-693-1624
Backus, Stacy WIOA Career Services Specialist 920-683-2847
Bahr, Thomas Adjunct Instructor 920-693-1230
Bahrs, Kelly Adjunct Instructor
Bajczyk, Rhetta Student Outreach & Admissions Manager 920-693-1159
Barber, Brian Systems Administrator 920-693-1277
Barber, Tim Campus Police 920-693-1155
Barbuch, Maribeth EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Baril, Ellyn Customer Service Associate Evenings 920-208-5888
Barrett, Justin Wind Energy Technology Instructor 920-693-1738
Bartz, Jennifer Marketing Services Manager 920-693-1345
Batzner Howe, Margaret Financial Aid Specialist 920-693-1383
Bauer, Dean Adjunct Instructor
Beaudoin, Shikara Compensation & Benefits Manager 920-693-1139
Becker, Gary Adjunct Instructor
Becker, David EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Beebe, Rory Adjunct Instructor
Behnke, Casey Tactical Skills Facilitator
Belitz, Heidi Health Care Technician/Allied Health Instructor 920-693-1633
Beltran, Jennifer Apprenticeship Administrative Specialist 920-693-1279
Benfield, Paul Information Technology Network Specialist Instructor 920-693-1636
Berry, Matthew Adjunct Instructor
Biemann, Lisa Adjunct Instructor
Birkholz, Jane Workforce Solutions Training Director II 920-693-1275
Birschbach, John Sheet Metal Apprentice Instructor 920-693-1766
Blindauer, Christina Adjunct Instructor
Block, Michael Tactical Skills Facilitator
Boettcher, Tanya Career Coach - On Campus 920-693-1280
Boll, Shana Public Safety Division Administrative Specialist 920-693-1178
Bornemann, Wendy Pre College Instructional Assistant-LTC Manitowoc 920-683-2881
Bornemann, Sarah Web & Software Design/Developer & Programming Instructor 920-693-1146
Bradl, Becky Adjunct Instructor
Braesch, Melissa Talent & Organizational Development Manager 920-693-1101
Bramstedt, Kerri Hospitality & Business Division Administrative Specialist 920-693-1342
Branam, Ann Testing Services Specialist 920-639-1175
Bresser, Kaitlyn Career Coach 920-693-1757
Bricco, Patrick Adjunct Instructor
Brock, Patrick Tactical Skills Facilitator
Brooks, Kelsey EMS Instructor 920-693-1397
Brown, David Pharmacy Technician Program Coordinator/Instructor 920-693-1841
Bruckschen, Renee College and Occupational Health Nurse 920-693-1111
Brunette, Christiane Community Education & Inside Sales Specialist 920-693-1228
Brunette, Allison Adjunct Instructor
Brunette Jr, Edward Adjunct Instructor
Brunmeier, Brenda Assistant to Vice President of Student Services 920-693-1836
Buchholz, Sandra Pre College Instructional Assistant 920-208-5881
Burgard, Mike EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Burkart, Jamie Adjunct Instructor
Burton, Shane Adjunct Instructor
Burton, Phillip Adjunct Instructor
Butler Jr, Charles Adjunct Instructor
Byerly, Raymond Adjunct Instructor
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Calabresa, Allan Adjunct Instructor
Cangson, Jessica Adjunct Instructor
Cannon, Nicole Dual Credit/Youth Apprentice Assistant 920-693-1136
Carlsen, Paul District President 920-693-1123
Carman, Nancy Health Information Management Coordinator/Instructor 920-693-1697
Carpenter, Kelly Library Manager 920-693-1149
Carpenter, Matthew Technology Support Specialist II 920-693-1105
Carr, Elisa Career Coach 920-693-1114
Carrier, John WILM Chief Information Officer 920-693-1729
Caselton Lowe, Carrie Adjunct Instructor
Casper, Dale Ship/Rvg/Grounds Maintenance Technician 920-693-1151
Cegielski, Marc Adjunct Instructor
Cesario, Melissa Youth Apprentice Specialist 920-693-1758
Charles, William Auto Collision Repair & Refinish Technician 920-693-1225
Cheske, Christopher Accounting/Microsoft Office Instructor 920-693-1349
Clarke, Deb Adjunct Instructor
Cleveringa, June Adjunct Instructor
Cook, Peter Director of Technology 920-693-1788
Cookle, Tiffany Adjunct Instructor
Cooper, Christopher Adjunct Instructor
Cops, Amy ABE/GED Instructor-LTC Manitowoc 920-683-2849
Cordeiro, Ronaldo Academic Advisor 920-693-1206
Cornell, Jenna Adjunct Instructor
Covi, Jennifer Scholarship & Admissions Specialist 920-693-1285
Cribbs, Debra Inside Sales & Marketing Specialist 920-693-1375
Culligan, Michaelyn Tactical Skills Facilitator
Curtiss, Ann Help Desk Support Lead 920-693-1749
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Daniels, Jack Adjunct Instructor
Davis, Mahatma Adjunct Instructor
Dehling, Danielle Adjunct Instructor
Dekker, Jeremy Welding Instructor 920-693-1287
Dekker, Justin Welding Fabrication & Maintenance Program Specialist 920-693-1356
Delahunt, Catherine Adjunct Instructor
Delgadillo, Michael Tactical Skills Facilitator
Delvaux, Michael Tactical Skills Facilitator
Demaster, Vonni Associate Degree Nursing Instructor 920-693-1660
Demler, Corinne Student System Specialist/District Lead 920-693-1112
Derby, Shannon Adjunct Instructor
Detienne, John Campus Police
Develice, Thomas Tactical Skills Facilitator
Dimmick, Terry Adjunct Instructor
Downey, Daniel Adjunct Instructor
Dragan, Robert Automotive Maintenance Specialist 920-693-1205
Dries, Daniel Adjunct Instructor
Driscoll, Alison Youth Apprentice Manager 920-693-1128
Drossel, James Adjunct Instructor
Duebner, MaryAnn Adjunct Instructor
Dunton, Cindy Clerical CW Temp
E | Top
Ebert, Alexander EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Eckley, Amy Business Intelligence & Research Analyst 920-693-1288
Engleman, Shawn Tactical Skills Facilitator
Erdmann, Tammy Communications Instructor 920-693-1234
Ervin, Jim Quality Assurance/Supply Chain Instructor 920-693-1204
Erwin Jr, Chesley Adjunct Instructor
F | Top
Falvey, Taylor Dental Clinic Coord/Specialist 920-693-1185
Fellows, Denis Adjunct Instructor
Fernandez, Abner Science Instructor 920-693-1210
Fett, Allan Adjunct Instructor
Fickett, Dustin Tactical Skills Facilitator
Fidlin, Jason EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Fields, Maria Adjunct Instructor
Fippinger, Jennifer WILM Student Information Systems Manager
Fischer, Jesse Campus Police 920-693-1155
Fischer, Joy Associate Degree Nursing Instructor 920-693-1866
Fischer, Pamela Adjunct Instructor
Fischer, Sarah Adjunct Instructor
Fisher, Brandon Adjunct Instructor
Fisher, Samantha Associate Degree Nursing Instructor 920-693-1771
Fitch, Linda College Event Manager 920-693-1233
Fitzgerald, Thomas Adjunct Instructor
Flanagan, James Adjunct Instructor
Franklin, Wendy Adjunct Instructor
Frazier, Kimberly Adjunct Instructor
Freville, Eric Tactical Skills Facilitator
Friedl, Matthew Tactical Skills Facilitator
Funkhouser, David Adjunct Instructor
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Gadzinski, Kristin Practical Nursing Instructor 920-693-1359
Gaedke, Erin Clinical Skills Lab Specialist 920-693-1337
Gaedtke, Janette Student Records Specialist/Team Leader 920-693-1115
Galarno, Barbi Judicial Reporting & Broadcast Captioning Instructor 920-693-1353
Gartman, Liz Agribusiness/Dairy Management Instructor 920-693-1258
Garza, Melissa Student Records Specialist 920-693-1394
Gauthier, Aaron Tactical Skills Facilitator
Gaynor, Courtney Dual Credit Manager 920-693-1727
Geiger, Don Academic Advisor 920-693-1378
Gibbs, Terry Sheet Metal Apprentice Instructor 715-581-8994
Gibeault, Todd Maintenance Mechanic 920-693-1739
Gilbert, Todd Adjunct Instructor
Gnadt, Timothy Adjunct Instructor
Goff, Cassandra General Advisor 920-683-2844
Gottsacker, James Tactical Skills Facilitator
Gottsacker, William Culinary Arts Instructor 920-693-1342
Grady, Donna Adjunct Instructor
Graff, Rachel Pharmacy Technician Program Acss Specialist TAACCCT4 920-693-1227
Graff, Cheryl Adjunct Instructor
Grambow, Michael Technology Services Manager 920-693-1270
Grandlic, Adam EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Granger, Paul Tactical Skills Facilitator
Grasse, Kelli Administrator Prfl/Graphic & Web Design Instructor 920-693-1819
Greenwald, Kevin Adjunct Instructor
Grimm, Stacey Nursing Assistant/Allied Health Instructor 920-693-1335
Gross, Chad Tactical Skills Facilitator
Grossman, Barry Communications Instructor 920-693-1870
Gruenke, James Electro Mechanical Program Coordinator/Instructor 920-693-1244
Grumley, Nicole WIOA Career Services Specialist
Grunenwald, Caitlyn EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Grunewald, Jeffrey Dean of Apprenticeship & Economic Development 920-693-1119
Grunwald, Laura Adjunct Instructor
Gulbrand, Chris Tactical Skills Facilitator
Gunderson, Jason Telecom/Information Technology Support Technician 920-693-1735
Gutierrez, Kathryn Clinical Skills Lab Specialist
H | Top
Haasch, James Adjunct Instructor
Haese, Ron Video Production Support Lead 920-693-1864
Hameister, Christine Adjunct Instructor
Hamm, Douglas Human Resources Administration Instructor 920-693-1648
Hand, Jill Adjunct Instructor
Hang, Foua Director of Student Resources 920-693-1387
Hanson, John Hazardous Materials Instructor 920-693-1187
Harder, Rachel Adjunct Instructor
Harding, Donna Business & Technology Team Leader 920-693-1295
Hartwig, Daniel Tactical Skills Facilitator
Hatt, Rivian Student Support Services Director 920-693-1690
Hawkins, Sarah Adjunct Instructor
Hawpetoss, Shane EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Hein, Susan Adjunct Instructor
Heinen, Christine Accounting Instructor 920-693-1203
Hemauer, Christopher Campus Police 920-693-1155
Hemenway, Jessica Financial Aid Manager 920-693-1838
Hennessey, Jennifer Foundation & PO Administrative Specialist 920-693-1852
Hennessey, Jill Workforce Solutions Training Director II 920-693-1212
Henschel, Nancy Communications Instructor 920-693-1630
Henze, George Enrollment Services Manager/Registrar 920-693-1733
Herber, Ryan Business Solutions Specialist 920-683-2880
Herman, Elizabeth Adjunct Instructor
Herrmann, Michael Campus Police 920-693-1155
Herschberg, Zachary ELL Instructor-LTC Sheboygan
Herschberg, Meggan Adjunct-LTC Manitowoc
Hertel, Lori Associate Degree Nursing Instructor 920-693-1250
Herzog, Michele Evening Operations Assistant 920-693-1235
Hindes, Patrick ABE/GED/HSED Instructional Assistant 920-208-5881
Hinz, Mark Adjunct Instructor
Hinz, Jacqueline Adjunct Instructor
Hittman, Todd Adjunct Instructor
Hochkammer, Amy Student Billing Analyst 920-693-1351
Hoffman, Paul Web & Software Design/Developer & Programming Instructor 920-693-1853
Holly, Jackie Youth Apprentice Specialist 920-693-1145
Holschbach, Deborah Adjunct Instructor
Holycross, Dawn Community Education Liaison (South) 920-693-1650
Horn, Jason Journey-Level Electrician 920-693-1730
Huberty, Emily Student Records Specialist 920-693-1132
Huehns, Lisa Medical Assistant Instructor 920-693-1308
Husting, Macrae Adjunct Instructor
Hyde, Derek EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Hyer, Andrew Adjunct Instructor
I | Top
Ihlenfeldt, Lisa Adjunct Instructor
Irish, Jennifer Early Childhood Education Instructor 920-693-1348
Irving, Kristi Academic Advisor/Counselor 920-693-1663
Iverson, Conor Campus Police
J | Top
Jacky, Kevin Adjunct Instructor
Jacobs, Bruce Tactical Skills Facilitator
Jaeger, Karri Financial Aid Specialist 920-693-1281
Jaeger, Mark WILM Network/Security Administrator 920-693-1755
Jaeger, Darlene Clerical CW Temp 920-693-1661
Jenkins, Theodore Adjunct Instructor
Jeske, Melissa Dental Assisting Lab Specialist
Johnson, Bobbi Academic Advisor 920-693-1117
Johnson, Jennifer WILM Database Administrator 920-693-1756
Johnson, Karen Adjunct Instructor
Johnsrud, Jacob Adjunct Instructor
Jonas, Beth Adjunct-LTC Sheboygan 920-208-5886
K | Top
Kadow, Gregg Adjunct Instructor
Kahler, Mary Administrative Professional/Graphic & Web Design Instructor 920-693-1676
Kakes, Chad EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Kalk, Richard Adjunct Instructor
Karls, Mary Associate Degree Nursing Instructor 920-693-1169
Kaufmann, Robin Physical Plant Administrative Specialist 920-693-1617
Keaton, Christopher Associate Degree Nursing Instructor 920-693-1681
Keehan, Debra Business Office Manager 920-693-1742
Keil, Joseph Tactical Skills Facilitator
Kernz, Michelle Student Registration Customer Service Associate 920-693-1717
Kessler, Alissa EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Kesweder, Calvin Adjunct Instructor
Keuler, Sheila Enrollment Specialist 920-693-1127
Killian, Larry Adjunct Instructor
Kimmes, Roger Adjunct Instructor
Kincaid, Kevin Culinary Arts Program Coordinator/Instructor 920-693-1342
King, Carolyn Millwright Apprenticeship Instructor 920-693-1350
Kinneston, Sue Testing Services Manager 920-693-1224
Kiser, Debra Horticulture Facilities Assistant
Klein, Tricia Health and Human Services Division Administrative Specialist 920-693-1293
Klein, Travis Adjunct Instructor
Kleinhans-Blad, Leslie Adjunct Instructor
Klemish, Dawn Adjunct Instructor
Kliment, Daryl Adjunct Instructor
Klueger, Katie Adjunct Instructor
Klysen, Paul Adjunct Instructor
Kneeland, Michael Adjunct Instructor
Koenig, Debra Biology/Life Science Instructor 920-693-1619
Koenig, Terry Manufacturing Management Instructor 920-693-1635
Koeser, Bryan Physical Plant Supervisor 920-693-1731
Koller, Jodi ELL Instructor-LTC Sheboygan 920-208-5872
Komoroski, Kelly Welding Instructor 920-693-1625
Konik, Julie Psychology Instructor 920-693-1160
Konop, Connie Mechanical Design Instructor 920-693-1332
Konrath, Kelly Math Instructor 920-693-1765
Korinek, Nicole Testing Services Specialist/GED Examiner 920-693-1174
Kowitz, Julie General Education and Pre College Administrative Specialist 920-693-1320
Kraemer, Cynthia Customer Service Associate Evenings 920-683-2847
Krause, Carrie Adjunct Instructor
Kraynek, Benjamin Adjunct Instructor
Kregel, Michael Technology Support Specalist II 920-693-1302
Kress, Cameron Programmer/Software Integration Specialist 920-693-1271
Kroeplien, Rachel Agribusiness Instructor 920-693-1241
Krogstad, Justin Tactical Skills Facilitator
Krueger, Lori EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Krumholz, Laura Adjunct Instructor 920-693-1219
Krupp, Marilyn Adjunct Instructor
Kuehl, Michelle Adjunct Instructor
Kuehl, Megan General & Pre College Instructor 920-693-1623
Kultgen, Mary Pre College Instructor-LTC Sheboygan 920-208-5880
Kwarciany, Lisa Human Resources Specialist 920-693-1158
L | Top
Lallensack, Craig Agribusiness Science & Technlygy Instructor 920-693-1259
Lamberg, Tammy EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Lambries, Cathleen Adjunct Instructor
Lammers, William Culinary Instructor
Lasee, James Campus Police 920-693-1155
Leannah, Beth Adjunct Instructor
LeBeau, Randy Information Technology Computer Support Specialist Instructor 920-693-1355
Lee, Choua Career Coach & NTO Project Lead 920-693-1166
Lee, See Customer Service Associate Evenings
Lee, Kaili Student Success Coordinator
Leick, Patti Community & Alumni Engagement Specialist 920-693-1261
Leider, Michelle Financial Aid Specialist 920-693-1118
Leischner, Lee Adjunct Instructor
Lemerond, Carie Adjunct Instructor
Lemerond, James Vice President of Instruction 920-693-1871
Leonhard, Christi Accom Services/TRIO Retention Specialist 920-693-1274
Leonhard, Shannon Evening Operations Team Leader
Leonhardt, Gary Adjunct Instructor
Leonhardt, Kathleen Clinical Skills Lab Facilitator 920-693-1215
Lettenberger, Janice Adjunct Instructor
Liebhard, Andrew Application Developer 920-693-1213
Liermann, Jason Tactical Skills Facilitator
Lindell, Gary Circuit Instructor
Lindow, Gary Adjunct Instructor
Lingford, Brenda Health and Human Services Division Administrative Specialist 920-693-1179
Lisiecki, Joseph Adjunct Instructor
Lonergan, Luann Associate Degree Nursing Instructor 920-693-1857
Longmeyer, Cynthia General Education & Pre College Assistant 920-693-1211
Lorier, Mark Machine Tool Instructor 920-693-1640
Lubbert, Michael Adjunct Instructor
Luke, Thomas Communications Instructor 920-693-1632
M | Top
Maggi, Matthew Adjunct Instructor
Manis II, William Adjunct Instructor
Manthey, Steven Machine Tool Operations Specialist 920-693-1665
Marchlewski, Maria Health Programs Academic Specialist 920-693-1885
Mares, Jeffrey Adjunct Instructor 920-693-1395
Markowski, Lynn Student Customer Service Associate 920-693-1170
Martens, Suzanne Adjunct Instructor
Martinez, Blanca Adjunct Instructor
Marton, Barry Adjunct Instructor
Matheson, Janice Business Intelligence Programmer 920-693-1124
Mayer, Roger Adjunct Instructor
Mayer, Kurt Adjunct Instructor
Mayer, Patricia General Education & Basic Skills Team Leader 920-693-1209
Mazza, Theodore Adjunct Instructor
McBain II, Larry EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
McCoy, Jason EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
McDaniel, Kathleen Adjunct Instructor
McMullen, Timothy Tactical Skills Facilitator
McNellis, Katherine Psychology Instructor 920-693-1220
Meeusen, Michael Tactical Skills Facilitator
Meidl, Gwen Student Billing Manager 920-693-1138
Meinnert, Benjamin Tactical Skills Facilitator
Meinnert, Britanni Adjunct Instructor
Meinnert, Nathan Restaurant & Banquet Manager 920-457-9050
Meinnert, Marlyn Information Technology/ITV Support Technician Lead 920-693-1248
Melanz, Donna Library Systems Specialist 920-693-1868
Menges, Ryan EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Mertens, William Adjunct Instructor
Mertens, Anthony Adjunct Instructor
Meyer, Julie Accounting Instructor 920-693-1200
Meyer, Tyler EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Meyer, Jayne Financial Aid Specialist 920-693-1859
Miller, Sandy Purchasing & Contract Specialist 920-693-1643
Miller, Kurt Adjunct Instructor
Miofsky, Nicholas Tactical Skills Facilitator
Mirecki, Julie Vice President of Outreach 920-693-1193
Mueller, Allen Adjunct Instructor
Murack, David Adjunct Instructor
Myers, Thomas Adjunct Instructor
N | Top
Nankervis, Wayne Adjunct Instructor
Narbatovics, John Auto Collision Repair Technician 920-693-1762
Navis, Jacquelyn Adjunct Instructor
Neese, Emily Tactical Skills Facilitator
Nelson, Michael Online Student Support Specialist 920-693-1654
Neuenfeldt, Patrick Accommodation Services Manager 920-693-1222
Newberg, Kyle EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Nickel, Benjamin Adjunct Instructor
Niquette, Jonna Adjunct Instructor
Nischik, Shauna Grants Specialist 920-693-1362
Nordmeyer, LeRoy Adjunct Instructor
Noster, Nicholas Adjunct Instructor
Nugent, Alexandra Adjunct Instructor
O | Top
O'Connell, Molly Chief Financial Officer 920-693-1752
O'Reilly, Michael Adjunct Instructor
Olig, Tyler EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Olivera, Bradley EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Olson, Amy Adjunct Instructor
Olson, Pamela Welcome Center Receptionist
Opie, Richard Paralegal Program Coordinator/Instructor 920-693-1202
Oswald, Timothy Auto Maintenance Technology Instructor 920-693-1687
Ott, Karen Office Lead 920-208-5888
Otten, Lyndsey Adjunct-LTC Manitowoc 920-683-2851
P | Top
Paasch, Becky Trade & Industry/Agricultural Administrative Assistant 920-693-1239
Pagel, Jeremy Sociology Instructor 920-693-1622
Pangburn, Eric Adjunct Instructor
Panosh, Michael Adjunct Instructor
Parks, Jason Electro-Mechanical Program Specialist 920-693-1843
Parworth, Sally Trade & Industry Division Administrative Specialist 920-693-1266
Paulsen, Michele Adjunct Instructor
Pautz, Michael Journey Level Maintenance Mechanic/Carpenter 920-693-1726
Payne, Janet Library Services Specialist 920-693-1180
Payne, Michael Machine Tool/Die Instructor 920-693-1799
Payne, Thomas Adjunct Instructor
Peil, Donald Adjunct Instructor
Pentek, Sharon ELL Instructional Assistant 920-208-5873
Perez Ferrando, Tiffany ELL/ABE Instructor 920-693-1628
Pernat, Christian Adjunct Instructor
Persinger, Bill Business & Manufacturing Assessment Services Manager 920-693-1297
Peter, Gregory Adjunct Instructor
Peterson, Meg Adjunct Instructor
Peterson, Brenda Child Care Center Aide 920-693-1243
Pfile, Fred Adjunct Instructor
Pfister, Richard Adjunct Instructor
Piepenburg, Maryann Dental Assistant Instructor 920-693-1656
Plehn, Craig Tactical Skills Facilitator
Pokorsky, Heather Instructional Technology Specialist 920-693-1837
Pollen, Eric WILM Systems & Storage Administrator 920-693-1753
Polzin, Matthew EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Popp, Francis EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Pratz, Michelle Adjunct Instructor
Pritzl, Liz Career Specialist 920-693-1290
Pritzl, Jeremiah Criminal Justice Instructor 920-693-1164
Progar, Michael Adjunct Instructor
Q | Top
Quinn, Brian Adjunct Instructor
R | Top
Raatz, Andrew Tactical Skills Facilitator
Rabe, Traci Early Childhood Education Instructional Assistant 920-693-1744
Rathsack, Mary BM Instructor 920-693-1688
Reed, Carl Horticulture Instructor 920-693-1321
Reedy, Brian Tactical Skills Facilitator
Reid, Kathy Public Safety Administrative Assistant 920-693-1874
Reilly, Sharon Adjunct Instructor
Repenshek, Brian Adjunct Instructor
Rhines, Leslie Adjunct Instructor
Richard, Louis Criminal Justice Program Coordinator/Instructor 920-693-1319
Richardson, Nancy Adjunct Instructor
Riesterer, Brenda Vice President of Administrative Services 920-693-1140
Ringle, Fred EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Ritchie, Thomas Adjunct Instructor
Robinson, Bridget Vice President of Human Resources & Talent Development 920-693-1163
Roehl, Beth Adjunct Instructor
Rollmann, Kristen Student Services Specialist 920-693-1835
Rooker, Lori Medical Assistant Instructor 920-693-1895
Rosploch, Gordon Information Technology Network Specialist Instructor 920-693-1639
Rossiter, Stefanie Enrollment Specialist 920-693-1784
Rozoff, Laura Dental Assisting Lab Specialist 920-693-1176
Rubis, Anthony WILM Financial Aid Systems Technician
Rupnow, Jackie Judicial Reporting Instructor & Broadcast Captioning Instructor 920-693-1644
Rush, Barb Adjunct-LTC Sheboygan
Rutten, William Tactical Skills Facilitator
Ryba, Kelly Mechanical Design Instructor 920-693-1254
Ryno, William Adjunct Instructor
S | Top
Saak, Tracy Graphic Designer 920-693-1240
Sabel, Trisha Adjunct Instructor
Salzman, Jeffrey Adjunct Instructor
Sauer, Meredith General & Pre College Education Dean 920-693-1282
Saunders, David Welding Program Coordinator/Instructor 920-693-1746
Saunders, Patricia Grants Specialist 920-693-1168
Schaalma, Megan Hotel & Hospitality Management Instructor 920-693-1641
Schatz, Christopher Health & Human Services Dean 920-693-1840
Scheibl, David Adjunct Instructor
Scherer, Kitty Adjunct Instructor
Schermetzler, Renae Child Care Center Aide 920-693-1243
Schetter, Sheila Dean of Manufacturing/Agricultural & Engineering 920-693-1238
Schmidt, Robert Public Safety Training Coordinator 920-693-1106
Schmidt, Jenny ABE/GED/HSED Instructional Assistant
Schmidt, Richard Adjunct Instructor
Schmidt, Mitchell Adjunct Instructor 920-693-1358
Schmitz, Mark Adjunct Instructor
Schmitz, Amber Adjunct Instructor
Schneider, Paul Adjunct Instructor
Schneider, Damon Adjunct Instructor
Schneider, Scott Adjunct Instructor
Scholten, Jason Electro-Mechanical Instructor/Mobile Lab Coordinator 920-693-1842
Schreiter, Nadine Talent & Organizational Development Manager 920-693-1822
Schroeder, Denise Child Care Center Manager 920-693-1243
Schueller, Victor Anatomy & Physiology Instructor 920-693-1621
Schultz, Danielle Career Coach 920-693-1668
Schwaller, Nicole Clinical Skills Lab Specialist
Schweigl, Jacob Tactical Skills Facilitator
Schweigl, Anthony Tactical Skills Facilitator
Schwobe, David Industrial Electrical Apprenticeship Instructor 920-693-1262
Seedorf, Stacey Adjunct Instructor
Semph, Ruth Seminar Planner 920-693-1167
Serna, Melissa EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Serna, Mario EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Shallow, Tina Health and Human Services Division Administrative Specialist 920-693-1627
Shannon, Daniel Adjunct Instructor
Shavlik, Gary Adjunct Instructor
Sherman, Jacob Adjunct Instructor
Shircel, Terrance Adjunct Instructor
Shoemaker, David Adjunct Instructor
Shoman, Sara Adjunct Instructor
Sieben, Mark Maintenance Mechanic Instructor 920-693-1357
Siehr, Kevin Adjunct Instructor 920-693-1188
Silbernagel, Bonnie Accounting Instructor
Sipiorski, Ericka Radiography Instructor 920-693-1231
Skabroud, Ryan Public Safety Dean 920-693-1347
Skinner, James EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Slager, Jeffrey Media Support Lead 920-693-1761
Sleger, Lee Machine Tool/Die & Metal Fabrication Instructor 920-693-1847
Smith, Kevin Tactical Skills Facilitator
Smith, Diane Assistant to the Vice President of Instruction 920-693-1133
Soodsma, Heidi Executive Assistant to the President 920-693-1631
Souik, Erin TRiO Student Support Services/ATD Coordinator 920-693-1653
Spahr, John Adjunct Instructor
Spoerl, Tammy Associate Degree Nursing Instructor 920-693-1820
St Pierre, Christopher Adjunct Instructor
Staehler, Steven Tactical Skills Facilitator
Stahl, Tammie Student Engagement Specialist/SGA Advancement 920-693-1286
Stahl, Andrew Fire Services Training Instructional Assistant
Stanley, Roger EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Steinbrenner, Dennis Adjunct-LTC Manitowoc
Steinhardt, Matthew Journey-Level Maintenance Mechanic 920-693-1732
Steltenpohl, Pamela Adjunct Instructor
Steuer, Jay EMS Instructor 920-693-1245
Stock, Ben Adjunct Instructor
Stock, Vicki Business & Technology Administrative Specialist 920-693-1143
Stone, Graig Adjunct Instructor
Strebe, Brian Welding Instructor 920-693-1253
Strojinc, Amanda Adjunct Instructor
Stubbe, Donna Adjunct Instructor
Sturm, David Adjunct Instructor
Sturm, Teri Marketing Copywriter 920-693-1144
Sukowaty, Amanda Academic Support Center Specialist
Sweney, Jason EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Sy, Brandon Public Safety Equipment Technician 920-693-1846
Szyman, Robert Adjunct Instructor
T | Top
Tadimeti, Sri Data Warehouse & Application Administrator 920-693-1276
Teaters, Tom Adjunct Instructor
Terp, Cheryl Quality & Continuous Improvement Manager 920-693-1134
Terrazas, Rodrick Adjunct Instructor
Teske, Tohnya Child Care Center Specialist 920-693-1243
Theel, Adam EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Thiele, Kathleen Energy/Agricultural Division Administrative Specialist 920-693-1260
Thompson, Lynne Institutional Scheduler Specialist 920-693-1161
Tillman, Alison Accreditation & Evaluation Coordinator 920-693-1780
Tittl, Julie Adjunct Instructor
Toltzmann, Brian Auto Collision Repair Instructor 920-693-1734
Tuttle, Douglas Campus Police 920-693-1155
Tyunaitis, Patricia Math Instructor 920-693-1620
U | Top
Ubbelohde, Robert Adjunct Instructor
V | Top
Valleskey, Scott EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Valleskey, Rachelle Adjunct Instructor
Van Herwynen, Andreas Adjunct Instructor
Van Oss, Geraldine Nursing Assistant & Allied Health Instructor 920-693-1646
VanDeWege, Anthony Adjunct Instructor
Vandoske, Cathy Adjunct Instructor
VanDriest, Jody Adjunct Instructor
Vanne, Jill Associate Degree Nursing Instructor 920-693-1190
Vergenz, Emily Adjunct Instructor
Versey, Rebecca EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Vogel, Troy Adjunct Instructor
Vogel, Stacy Adjunct Instructor
Vreeke, Brent Tactical Skills Facilitator
W | Top
Waack, Jordan EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Waak, Richard Tactical Skills Facilitator
Wagner, Diane Clinical Skills Lab Specialist
Walber, Mary Shared Programs Specialist 920-693-1201
Walker, Mary Radiography Program Coordinator/Instructor 920-693-1655
Walker, Derrick Adjunct Instructor
Wallace, Bob Campus Police
Wallander, Leslie Student Central/Registration Customer Service Associate 920-693-1125
Wallander, Matthew Campus Police 920-693-1155
Wallschlaeger, Renee G Education/Pre College Instructor 920-693-1229
Wasmer, Tanya Vice President of Strategy 920-693-1858
Weber, Amanda Adjunct Instructor
Weber-Hetman, Ona Adjunct Instructor
Wedepohl, Wayne Adjunct Instructor
Weeden, Josh Network & Security Administrator 920-693-1103
Weier, Nicole Adjunct Instructor
Weiler, Katrina Registration Customer Service Associate/Financial Aid Specialist 920-693-1330
Welnetz, Bruce Adjunct Instructor
Wensink, Roger Machine Tool/Die Instructor 920-693-1256
Werner, Blaine Adjunct Instructor
Wesley, John Adjunct Instructor
Whiting, Wayne Hazardous Materials Fire Science Instructor 920-693-1284
Wicklund, Corinne Ophthalmic Assistant Instructor 920-693-1893
Wienke, Colleen Clinical Skills Lab Specialist 920-693-1215
Wigen, Aaron Tactical Skills Facilitator
Wilfert, Lori Office Lead 920-683-2846
Wilke, Kevin EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Wilkinson Jr, Carson Adjunct Instructor
Williams, Michael Adjunct Instructor
Williams, Karen Evening Operations Team Leader 920-693-1389
Willinger, Katie Development Director 920-693-1247
Wilson, Kent Adjunct Instructor
Wilterdink, Jason Criminal Justice Instructor 920-693-1618
Wishman, Kristin Academic & Tutoring Specialist 920-693-1121
Wittman, Jill Nursing Assistant/Allied Health Instructor 920-693-1189
Wittmann, Jolene Associate Degree Nursing Instructor 920-693-1860
Wittmus, Wade Electro Mechanical Instructor 920-693-1861
Wuestenhagen, Tyler Tactical Skills Facilitator
Wydner-Krause, Karen Adjunct Instructor
Y | Top
Yang, Chou Academic Advisor 920-693-1851
Yang, Christine Pre College Instructional Assistant-LTC Manitowoc 920-683-2883
Yang, Pajai ABE/ASE/ELL Instructional Assistant
Yang, Nicole Multicultural Student Advocate 920-693-1120
Young, Mary Adjunct Instructor
Z | Top
Zachek, Robert Electro-Mechanical Technology Instructor 920-693-1272
Zafar, Hajra Economics Instructor 920-693-1657
Zajkowski, Gary Tactical Skills Facilitator
Zajkowski, Kelly 5.09 HSED Instructional Assistant 920-208-5881
Zastrow, Dawn EMS Auto Tutorial Lab Specialist
Zastrow, Ronald Adjunct Instructor
Zavodski, Natalie Adjunct Instructor
Zhang, Ning Nuclear Technology Instructor 920-693-1301
Zimmer, Michael Adjunct Instructor
Zipperer, Cara Adjunct Instructor
Zoelle, Melissa Project Management Specialist 920-693-1199
Zorn, Bonnie Human Resources/Recruitment Specialist 920-693-1863
Zugel, Christopher Adjunct Instructor
WTCS New North