Child Care Development Specialist Apprenticeship

About the Career

This apprenticeship program prepares individuals for employment as child care specialists in child care agencies. The child care apprentice will gain skills and knowledge while working with a seasoned veteran within the early childhood setting. The theory and classroom content offered in the paid-related instruction includes courses addressing the foundations of early childhood, health, safety, nutrition, art, music, language arts, child development, guiding behavior, and the development of infants and toddlers. Practical skills are both learned and practiced on the job in the areas of safety, health, first aid, abuse and neglect, administrative duties, nutrition and hygiene, child development, supervision, and consultation techniques. Wage increases over the period of the apprenticeship compensate the gradual gain in skills and knowledge.
Note: Apprentices may be eligible to transfer 30 credits into the Early Childhood Education Associate Degree.

About this apprenticeship

2017-2018 Program Courses


The Child Care Development Specialist Apprenticeship requires 4,000 work hours. Of this, 3,712 are on the job documented in the job book provided by the LTC Early Childhood program and 288 in paid-related instruction. In addition, 8 hours of unpaid-related night school are required.


You can get an idea of what other LTC program graduates are paid by reviewing the LTC graduate follow-up survey.


Approximate costs include tuition ($2,300) and books ($910).


Companies in the LTC district who have employed Child Care Development Specialist apprentices in the past include:

  • Montessori Children's House Inc.

Upon successful completion of this apprenticeship, you will receive:

  1. A Certificate of Completion of paid-related Instruction from LTC
  2. A Certificate of Completion of the Apprenticeship from the Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards
  3. A Journeyworker card from the Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards
  4. Eligibility to transfer 30 credits into an Early Childhood Education Associate Degree

What are the steps to apply?

Step 1:

You must have a sponsoring employer before receiving an apprentice contract and being invited to school. Discuss with your employer your desire to enter the apprenticeship for this trade. Your employer should contact the local Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards - Apprenticeship Training Representative (ATR) and discuss next steps and procedures. The ATR for our area is:

Ms. Lynn O'Shasky - Apprenticeship Training Representative
Lakeshore Technical College
1290 North Avenue
Cleveland, WI 53015-1414
Work: 920.693.1102

Step 2:

Specifics for the apprenticeship contract are worked out between you, your employer, and the ATR (Apprenticeship Training Representative).

Step 3:

Once everything is in order, a Wisconsin Apprentice Contract is issued and you will than be invited to school.

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