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Career Pathways | Build on your education. Reach your goals. Advance your career

Our Career Pathways offer a step-by-step guide to your career goals. With short-term education options based on stackable credits, you have the flexibility to continue your education at your own pace. When you enter into a career pathway you will build on classes that stack up to more advanced certificates and diplomas and/or degrees. At each step of the way you'll earn industry recognized credentials that give you new employment options.

Career Pathways allow you to come in and out of college and build your education as you plan your career advancement.

Step 1 - Begin at any point in the pathway
Begin at any point in the pathway.
Students can start a pathway where they are. There are even opportunities to earn credit at LTC for previous college and experiential learning!
Step 2 - Build on your education
Build on your education.
Our Career Pathways focus on building your skills, providing a recognized credential, and new employment options one credential at a time. You can start with the first step and build up to the more advanced program or jump right into the advanced program and complete the other steps along the way.
Step 3 - Expand your goals
Expand your goals.
You can build on your education by starting a new pathway or continuing onto a 4-year degree.

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