Gen Ed College Course Transfer Guide

LTC General Education CourseIncoming CourseRequirements
10801195Written CommunicationWritten Comm or English Composition3 or more credits. Must include research-based writing assignments
10801196*Oral/Interpersonal CommOral Communication or Interpersonal Communication3 or more credits
10801197Technical ReportingTechnical Reporting or Business Writing3 or more credits
10801198*SpeechSpeech or Public Speaking3 or more credits. Course must include giving speeches
10803186Intro to BiochemistryBiochemistry4 or more credits with a lab
10804107College MathematicsAny non-developmental math course3 or more credits
10804112Principles of SustainabilitySustainability or Environmental course3 or more credits
10804115College Tech Math 1One or a combination of college level math courses that include algebra and trigonometry5 or more credits
10804118Intermediate AlgebraIntermediate Algebra or higher level4 or more credits
10804123Math /Business AppsFinance Math or Business Math3 or more credits
10804133Math & LogicMath & Logic3 or more credits
10806134General ChemistryGeneral Chemistry or a combination of courses that include Organic and Inorganic Chemistry4 or more credits with a lab
10806154General Physics 1Physics4 or more credits, math based
10806177General Anatomy & PhysiologyBecause these courses vary widely at colleges, a student will need to complete 8 credits of A&P, or Advanced A&P. A student needing just Gen A&P will need to have the course reviewed by the instructor.
10806179Advanced Anatomy & Physiology
10806197MicrobiologyMicrobiology4 or more credits with a lab
10809103Think Critically & CreativelyAny sociology course3 or more credits
10809122Intro to American GovernmentAny Political Science course3 or more credits.
10809128Marriage & FamilyAny Sociology course3 or more credits
10809159Abnormal PsychologyAbnormal Psychology3 or more credits, from the psychology dept.
10809166Intro to EthicsEthics or Business Ethics3 or more credits
10809172Intro to Diversity StudiesAny Diversity course3 or more credits
10809188Developmental PsychologyPsychology course that covers the lifespan3 or more credits, must cover birth through death.
10809195EconomicsAny Economics course3 or more credits
10809196Intro to SociologyAny Sociology course3 or more credits
10809198Intro to PsychologyAny Psychology course3 or more credits
10831103Intro to College WritingLevel 09X Writing CourseNone
10834109Pre-AlgebraLevel 08X Math CourseNone
10834110Elementary Algebra with AppsLevel 09X Math CourseNone
10838105Intro Reading & Study SkillsLevel 09X Reading CourseNone
 *Unless an OR is indicated for these two courses on the program sheet, the transferred course must be specific to the LTC course and have a grade of C or better.
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