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Energy Management Technology

Energy Management Technology

Program: 10-481-3

  • Associate Degree
  • 4 Terms
  • 65 Credits
  • Financial Aid Eligible
  • Starts September / January

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Conducting energy audits and assessments, energy management technologists identify energy efficiency improvement opportunities, evaluate energy usage patterns, and recommend energy conservation measures and alternative energy solutions. If you are detail-oriented, interested in energy management strategies, and eager to work with administrative and facilities management in detailing and following through on long-term energy implementation plans, this may be the career for you.

Energy Management Technology

The Energy Management Technology program is offered in cooperation with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC). For LTC course registration information, contact Don Geiger, program advisor, at 920-693-1378 or

Energy Management 10-481-3
Catalog No. Class Title Credit(s)
Term 1
  10660105 DC Fundamentals 2
  10804115 College Tech Math 1 5
  10809172 Intro to Diversity Studies 3
  10480101 Energy Intro-Renew & Sustain (Video-Stream Instruction at LTC) 4
  10804115 Intro to Energy Management (Held at NWTC) 3
Term 2
  10103131 Excel—Level 1 1
  10103124 Intro to MS Project—Level 1 1
  10660110 AC Fundamentals 2
  10620138 Programmable Controllers - Allen Bradley 3
  10801195 Written Communication 3
  10481116 Building Automation Systems (BAS) Networking (Held at NWTC) 3
  10605157 Power Electronics 1: Devices (Held at NWTC) 1
Term 3
  10620220 Pumps: Intro to Fluid Moving Devices 1
  10620164 Electromechanical Systems 2
  10806154 General Physics 1 4
  10403100 Blueprint Reading Intro (Held at NWTC) 1
  10481109 Commercial HVACR Analysis (Held at NWTC) 3
  10481111 Energy Control Strategies (Held at NWTC) 3
   10481115  Lighting Fundamentals (Held at NWTC) 3
Term 4
  10801196 Oral/Interpersonal Communication 3
  10809198 Introduction to Psychology 3
  10481107 Building Energy Simulation (Held at NWTC) 3
  10481108 Commercial Energy Analysis (Held at NWTC) 3
  10481110 Energy Accounting (Held at NWTC) 2
  10481113 Energy Investment Analysis (Held at NWTC) 3
      Total Credits: 65

Classes meet at LTC, unless noted to be held at NWTC.

Note:Program start dates vary; check with your advisor for details.

Curriculum and program acceptance requirements are subject to change.



The Energy Management Technology program is offered in cooperation with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC).

With NWTC, you will:
  • Submit your admission application.
  • Confirm your admission requirements. 
  • Apply for financial aid.
  • Receive your diploma upon graduation.
With LTC, you will:
  • Complete the online Student Success Questionnaire.
  • Schedule a Program Advising Session to plan your first semester schedule, review your entire plan of study, and discuss the results of the Student Success Questionnaire.
  • Participate in the commencement ceremony upon graduation.

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As a shared program with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Energy Management courses are offered only during the day, Monday through Friday. Students can complete up to 29 credits at LTC.  The other Energy Management classes are held at NWTC.


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Energy Management Technology

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