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Wind Technician

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Program: 31-482-1

  • Technical Diploma
  • 3 Terms
  • 50 Credits
  • Pending Financial Aid Eligible
  • Starts August

Reach New Heights in the Wind Energy Industry

Demand for skilled Wind Energy Technicians is growing due to the wind energy industry being one the fastest growing segments of energy production. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists Wind Turbine Technician as one of the fastest growing careers. Other potential wind energy careers include Operations and Maintenance Technician, Installation Technician, and Tower Torque Mechanic. Technicians can travel extensively with the construction of new wind farms and repairing of wind turbines around the world, or find employment on a wind farm location. NOTE:  Upon completion of this technical diploma, students are encouraged to continue their coursework to achieve an associate degree in Wind Energy Technology (only 12 additional credits).

Wind Technician - Technical Diploma

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LTC shares the Wind programming with other technical colleges.  Students from NWTC, FVTC, and MPTC are able to complete their non-wind courses at their home college and attend their wind instruction at the LTC campus.  Speak with your LTC advisor to learn about the course plan/crosswalk between LTC’s wind curriculum courses and your college’s courses. 



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Wind Technician

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