Career Support Services

Career Awareness

If you are one of the millions of workers who want a fulfilling career in the near or distant future – Career Awareness/Self Exploration will give you the skills you need to make a successful choice! You will become aware of current occupational trends & resources for discovering careers & financial support that is available for further education & training. You will explore your values, interests & abilities as they relate to career decision making by taking the Career-Decision Making Inventor. This class is required for the GED/HSED and HSED 5.09 credential.

Career Planning & Decision Making (CPDM)

During this workshop, you will complete career assessments to help identify where your personality, interests, aptitudes and abilities fit in today’s job market. The assessments include the Kiersey Temperment Sorter II, the World of Work Inventory and the Career Decision Making.

College Success

You will prepare for and succeed in vocational education. Stress, time, financial management, and ways to develop a support system are included. Special concerns of single parents, displaced homemakers, and disadvantaged persons are addressed.

Computer Keyboarding & Basic Computer Skills

See staff for information regarding classes being held.

Employability Skills

During this seminar, you will learn proven strategies for successfully seeking and obtaining employment. You will review occupational trends, identify career and financial resources, assess your skills/values and develop a career plan to achieve your goals. You will learn to write a resume and cover letter, complete a job application and prepare for a job interview. This class is required for the HSED and HSED 5.09 credential.

Resume Computer Lab

The way you market yourself in your resume can determine whether or not you get an interview. This workshop will give you the "nuts & bolts" of a resume, as well as, the resources necessary to develop a computer-generated resume. This class is held in conjunction with Employability Skills.


Whether you are interviewing for a new job, choosing a new career, or preparing to go to college, your personal success begins with knowing who you are and developing strategies to manage your busy lifestyle to achieve your goals. The Success class provides activities for exploration of personal values, attitudes, and abilities to enhance self-confidence, improve communication skills and apply stress and time management techniques.

Please note class offerings vary each semester. Check each location for date and time information.

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