Fall 2018 Offerings

Course: Medical Reporting/Terminology

Catalog Number: 10170171

Credits: 2.00

Class #Class DatesClass Day(s)Class TimeModeLocation
6060108/28/18-12/18/18T11:00 AM-11:55 AMLTC Cleveland
6060208/28/18-12/18/18T11:00 AM-11:55 AMOut of District
6060308/28/18-12/18/18T11:00 AM-11:55 AMOut of District
6060408/28/18-12/18/18T11:00 AM-11:55 AMOut of District
6060508/28/18-12/18/18T11:00 AM-11:55 AMOut of District
6060608/28/18-12/18/18T11:00 AM-11:55 AMOut of District

Please note that class schedules are updated daily to reflect changes or additions. Please check back prior to the beginning of the term for the most up-to-date information.

PREREQUISITE: 10170156 Testimony 1 - Advanced or 10106156 Testimony 1 - Advanced

Description: ......prepares the student to write medical terminology in machine shorthand using appropriate medical terminology from material dictated at a minimum speed of 150 wpm for 5 minutes with a minimum of 95 percent accuracy. The student will research medical information, prepare salable transcripts, and submit timings.