Course: Turbine Maintenance

Catalog Number: 10482132

Credits: 2.00

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PREREQUISITES: 10660110 AC Fundamentals and 10620138 Programmable Controllers-Allen Bradley and 10804115 College Tech Math 1 or 10804114 College Tech Math 1B and 10620104 Fluid Power 2 and COREQUISITE: 10482124 Wind Technician 3 Lab

Description: ......prepares learners to climb, inspect and service wind turbines; use torque fasteners; check gearbox lubrication; add grease to moving and exposed parts; verify good electrical connections; perform an overall "system check" and routine maintenance on a wind energy system; in addition to fault determination and troubleshooting. Students will incorporate wind industry best safety practices, must be prepared to climb multiple times in a day, and work full days outside in varying weather conditions.