Course: Nursing Health Promotion

Catalog Number: 10543106

Credits: 3.00

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PREREQ:10543101 Nrsg Fund, 10543102 Nrsg Sk, 10543103 Nrsg Phrm, 10543104 Nrsg Intr Clin Prac, 10809164 Hum Grwth/Dev or 10809188 Dev Psy & 10806177 Gen A&P or 10806196 A&P II & COREQ:10801196 Oral/Inter Com and 105431 Nrsg-AD enrollment requirements met

Description: ......focuses on topics related to health promotion in for individuals and families throughout the lifespan. We will cover nursing care of the developing family, which includes reproductive issues, pregnancy, labor and delivery, post-partum, the newborn, and the child. Recognizing the spectrum of healthy families we will discern patterns associated with adaptive and maladaptive behaviors applying mental health principles. An emphasis is placed on teaching and supporting healthy lifestyle choices for individuals of all ages. Nutrition, exercise, stress management, empowerment, and risk reduction practices are highlighted. Study of the family will cover dynamics, functions, discipline styles, and stages of development. Course requires a minimum grade of "C" or better.