Spring 2018 Offerings

Course: Statics

Catalog Number: 10606134

Credits: 4.00

Class #Class DatesClass Day(s)Class TimeModeLocation
2164401/22/18-05/09/18M 9:00 AM-11:55 AMLTC Cleveland
 01/22/18-05/09/18TW10:45 AM-11:55 AM
2726801/22/18-05/09/18MTWRF12:00 AM-12:00 PMLTC Cleveland

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PREREQUISITE: 10804115 College Technical Math 1 or 10804113 College Technical Math 1A

Description: ......covers the study of forces on and in structures that are at rest. Forces, vectors, resultants, moments, couples, equilibrium, free-body diagrams, friction, centroids, and centers of gravity, and moments of inertia are covered.