Course: Industrial Applications

Catalog Number: 10620196

Credits: 4.00

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PREREQUISITE: 10620140 Prog Cntrls AB Adv, 10620104 Fluid Power 2, 10620194 Touch Screen Appl, 10620168 Robotics Intro, 10620193 NEC Codes, 10620198 Indust Networks and COREQUISITE: 10620192 Freq Drives and 10620195 Indust Troubleshooting

Description: ......prepares the learner to configure, install, troubleshoot and maintain automation equipment in a "real world" setting. This course will include writing and configuring automation equipment, wriring and configuring industrial networks, wiring, programming and troubleshooting PLCs and touchscreens. These practices will be applied to create and maintain a manufacturing process. This course is highly computer based.