Spring 2018 Offerings

Course: Machine Tool Mills 1B

Catalog Number: 31420351

Credits: 1.00

Class #Class DatesClass Day(s)Class TimeModeLocation
2092401/17/18-03/07/18W 5:00 PM- 8:55 PMLTC Cleveland
2093103/21/18-05/09/18W 5:00 PM- 8:55 PMLTC Cleveland
2519103/20/18-05/08/18T 8:00 AM-11:55 AMLTC Cleveland
2565401/08/18-01/11/18MTR 8:00 AM- 4:25 PMLTC Cleveland
2660604/17/18-05/10/18TR 8:00 AM-11:55 AMLTC Cleveland
2706504/17/18-05/10/18TR 8:00 AM-11:55 AMLTC Cleveland

Please note that class schedules are updated daily to reflect changes or additions. Please check back prior to the beginning of the term for the most up-to-date information.

COREQUISITE: 31420350 Machine Tool Mills 1A or 31420341 IM MT Lathes and Mills or 31420348 Machine Tool Mills 1 for Fabricators

Description: ......prepares the learner to mill precision steps and slots, mill keyseats on a shaft, and machine holes in rectangular workpieces.