Course: Welding Shielded Metal Arc 2

Catalog Number: 31442312

Credits: 1.00

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COREQUISITE: 31442310 Welding Shielded Metal Arc 1

Description: ......will have the learner demonstrate safe shop work practices; make horizontal padding plate welds on 1/2" mild steel with E7018 electrode; 1/4", 3/8" and 3/4" fillet welds in the horizontal position, 1/4" fillet welds on round and square tubing; open root groove welds with a 3/32" root opening in mild steel in the 1G position; groove welds with 1/4" root opening and 1/4" backup bar on mild steel in the 2G position using E7018 electrode; padding plates and fillet welds in the vertical position.