Interactive Television

LTC offers courses at a variety of convenient locations throughout the district over an interactive television (ITV) network.


These courses are limited to students who are in an accelerated program, such as Supervisory Management. You will need to contact the instructor or instructional dean to enroll in these classes if you are not part of an accelerated program.

Flex Lab

Schedules are specifically designed for students who cannot attend regularly scheduled day or evening courses. If you are a self-motivated student who wants to work on a degree or update your skills at your own pace, the Flex Lab is a great way to meet your goals.

In Person

This is the “traditional” way that classes are offered. You are expected to attend each class meeting.


You will be expected to attend face-to-face class meetings as determined by your instructor. You will need to use a computer and the Internet to access some of your course content and materials.

Independent Study

This is a self-paced format. You must have at least one free hour in common with the times listed for the section, be responsible for meeting with the instructor the first week of class for orientation and contract signing, and be highly organized and self-motivated to succeed.

Online Courses

Online courses are defined as instruction offered exclusively via the Internet and accessed by the student using a Web browser. Off-line supervised tests/exams at the specified sites may be conducted in conjunction with these courses.

Work Based Learning

Work based learning is a work based educational experience that provides students opportunities to attain work that is correlated with program instruction.