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Assessment Services

It’s more important than ever to make the right hiring decision and to determine the training most critical for your current employees. LTC Workforce Solutions offers a wide range of skill assessments including supervisory, customer service, sales, technical skills, print reading, math, and more. We can complete assessments at an LTC campus assessment center or at your location. Learn more.


LTC offers facilitation services to business and industry for both profit and non-profit organizations. Experienced facilitators can help groups, teams, and boards with planning, problem solving, and negotiations. A facilitator is a neutral party who focuses on how group decisions are made, not what decisions are made. The facilitator handles process while helping the group focus on content.

Safety Plan Writing

Whether for general safety, hazardous communication, emergency response, lockout/tagout, confined space, or other safety plan needs, our safety experts can train your employees to write the plan; we’ll even create the plan for you. All plans are written to comply with the appropriate safety standards.

Strategic Planning

LTC facilitators help your business to develop short- and long-term strategic plans for organizations and agencies. Facilitators focus on moving through mission, SWOT analysis, critical issues and action plans to help your team hone in on issues critical to your success. Planning may be done on-site, at LTC, or via LTC’s electronic meeting room.

Training Program Design

LTC experts will come on-site to develop curriculum for your training program. A curriculum design specialist observes job tasks and responsibilities, interviews and benchmarks high achievers in a specific job function, and identifies skill sets needed to perform at optimum levels. The specialist then creates a formal training program the company can use for future employees.

Turnkey Programs

LTC’s totally customized turnkey program means we will design, write and develop a training program for your employees, according to your needs and specifications. We can also train your trainer to deliver the program.

Video Production

LTC digital video production and editing services include staging, lighting, storyboard creation, artwork, graphics, titles, audio, and music planning. On-site, job-specific video production is the norm, while editing, voice-overs, and narration are performed in the LTC studio.

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