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Basic Skills

Assessing reading and math skills are the first steps to identifying the abilities of candidates.

ABLE – Number Operations

This test is designed to measure an individual’s ability to compute and use numbers. The objectives measured include reading and writing numerals, interpreting fractions, factorization, ratio proportion and percent; equations, and using zero as an operator. The candidate is also asked to use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals to compute answers to number problems an adult is likely to encounter.

ABLE 3 – Reading Comprehension

This test is designed to measure the examinee's comprehension of written material. The reading passages include material of a functional nature (signs, advertisements, letters, etc.) and material of an educational nature. Each passage is followed by a series of questions designed to test the examinee's ability, not only to comprehend what is explicit in the material, but also to make inferences and to draw conclusions from what is given.

DAT – Space Relations

This test measures the ability to visualize a three-dimensional object from a two-dimensional pattern and to visualize how the object would look if rotated in space. It assesses the ability to "think in three dimensions”.

ABLE 3 – Spelling

This is designed to measure an individual’s ability to spell. The candidate chooses the incorrectly spelled word from among four options. The spelling words were chosen that are representative of the types of words that adults need in written communication and sample the most common phonetic and structural principles of spelling.

ABLE 3 – Vocabulary

This test is designed to assess the knowledge and understanding of words that are frequently encountered by adults in their work or other daily activities. The examinee is asked to read a sentence where three alternatives are given for the last word in that sentence.

Ruler Measurement

This assessment measures a candidate’s ability to read an English unit ruler.

Skills Profiler

Skills Profiler is a series of four brief tests designed to assess a job applicant's proficiency in several domains that are essential to work productivity and job success. The Skills Profiler helps gauge a job candidate's ability to perform tasks such as problem solving, reasoning, analysis, and communicating. As a result, the Skills Profiler is a powerful tool for assessing the skills of job applicants for any position where these abilities are critical. The test measures: Language Skills, Math and Reasoning Skills, Attention to Detail, and Vocabulary Skills.

Additional Assessments Available: Math Fundamentals, Math Problem Solving, Professional Employment Test, Coding, Following Written Directions, Following Instructions, Geometry & Algebra, Written English, Industrial Reading Test.