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Business, Communication, and Office

Measure the knowledge, skills, and abilities of your candidates in typing, data entry, coding, and writing.

Administrative and Clerical Questionnaire (ACQ)

Administrative-Clerical Questionnaire (ACQ) is suitable for use in screening for administrative, clerical, and secretarial roles. Rigorously validated against the on-the-job performance of current employees, this assessment utilizes a job applicant's biographical data to predict job performance and identify individuals with the potential for high-level achievement.

Interpersonal Communication

This test measures the candidate’s knowledge of how to employ effective verbal and non-verbal communication to send his or her message and manage conflicts. Designed for all professionals, this test covers the following topics: Communication and Perception, Group Communication and Team Work, Intercultural Communication, Interviewing and Communication, Listening, Nonverbal Communication, Verbal Communication, and Language.

Office Procedures

This test measures the candidate’s knowledge of typical administrative and support activities performed in offices. Designed for all support and administrative professionals, this test covers the following topics: Computer Correspondence, Customer Service, Filing, Organization, Proofreading, Scheduling, and Telephone Techniques.

Office Skills Battery

Office Skills Battery is a series of four brief tests designed to measure basic office and clerical skills including analyzing, filing, math, and checking. This battery is well-suited for assessing the competencies of job applicants who will be performing clerical functions, especially secretaries, accounting clerks, file clerks, shipping and receiving clerks, and administrative assistants. The Office Skills Battery measures: Analyzing, Filing, Math, and Attention to Detail.

Office Success Skills (OSS)

Office Success Skills (OSS) is an industry-validated and video-delivered soft skills assessment program. OSS measures the competencies required by employers for jobs in a wide range of office positions: administrative assistant, IT support, clerk and others. The program identifies both the current competencies and the developmental needs of individuals. When skill development is suggested, strategies are identified to support the attainment of those skills. Because of its validity, OSS is used in support of hiring and promotion decisions. OSS skills measured include: Customer Relations, Organizing and Prioritizing, and Problem Solving. Candidates also review text passages (presented on videotape) and report the number of proofreading errors they observe. Other exercises require candidates to compare two columns of numbers and, under time pressure, identify how many pairs of numbers don't match. This also measures attention to detail.

Presentation Skills

This test measures the candidate’s knowledge of the concepts of preparing, delivering, and evaluating a presentation. Designed for any professional who makes presentations, this test includes the following: Design and Preparation, Gathering Information, Speaking Anxiety, Presentation Structure, Learning Material, Pre-Design & Preparation, Presentation Delivery, and Visual Aids.

Time Management

This test measures the candidate’s knowledge of how to use time wisely in the workplace. Designed for the average business worker, this test covers the following topics: Action Plans, Decision Making, Organizing, Planning, Scheduling, Time Usage, and Time Wasters.

Additional assessments available: Audio Transcription, Business Concepts, Business Writing, Change Management, Data Entry-Alphanumeric & Numeric, Ten Key, Internet Literacy, English Comprehension, Office Management, Paraprofessional, Split Screen Typing, Technical Writing, Typing Test, and more.