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Customer Service & Call Center

Use role play simulation and assessments to determine if the candidates you want to hire have great customer service.


The CallCenterPro is an assessment developed for use in call centers. This multifaceted tool can be used to help identify the best candidates for call center jobs, assess an individual's suitability for specific types of call center work, help incumbents to improve their performance, and assess the potential for work as a team leader or manager. The CallCenterPro assesses: Prediction of Sales Potential, Business Development, Approach to Client, Need for Script/Structure, Managing Rejection, People Person, Self- Management, Detail Orientation, Comfort with Conflict, Social Orientation, Analytical Orientation, Self Confidence, Lifestyle Management, and Approach to Networking/Self Promotion, Listening Style, and Overall Attitude.

Call Center Sales Scenarios

This test places a candidate in a simulation of call center sales environment and asks the candidate to interact with contacts and prospects at different stages of the sales cycle (prospecting, information gathering/controlling the sale, dealing with objections and closing).

Customer Service Profile

The Customer Service Profile (CSP) was specifically developed to select employees for jobs with a heavy customer service component. The CSP is predictive of a number of behaviors that are critical for customer care roles including passion for customer service, communication, sales ability, adaptability/resilience, and energy.

Customer Service Skills

The Customer Service Skills is an employer-validated and simulation-based soft skills assessment program that measures the competencies required by employers for face-to-face and phone-based customer service jobs. The program identifies both the current competencies and the developmental needs of individuals. When skill development is suggested, strategies are identified to support the attainment of those skills. Because of its validity, CSR is used in support of hiring and promotion decisions. CSR skill sets include: Customer Relations, Judgment, and Identifying New Ways to Serve Customers.

1st Screen

1st Screen is designed as an assessment of work attitudes for call center personnel. It predicts job performance in a number of areas including customer satisfaction, sales performance, and reliability. 1st Screen measures: Achievement, Balance, Curiosity, Dependability, Energy, and Friendliness.

Gordon Personal Profile-Inventory for Call Centers

The Gordon Personal Profile-Inventory (GPP-I) is a personality-based assessment that measures 9 broad-based personality traits. The Gordon Personal Profile-Inventory is designed to identify the degree to which job candidates possess the personality-based competencies necessary for success in a call center position. The GPP-I assesses: Assertiveness, Responsibility, Stress Tolerance, Sociability, Self-Confidence, Cautiousness, Original Thinking, Personal Relations, and Vigor.

Service Ability Inventory (SAI)

Service Ability Inventory is designed to select applicants for service-oriented jobs and measures an individual's attitudes about providing quality customer service. A Deception Scale is also included that helps to detect individuals who present themselves in an overly favorable fashion. The Service Ability Inventory assesses an applicant's service orientation, team and interpersonal skills, patience, tolerance for stress, and coping skills. It is well-suited for jobs involving in-person or telephone customer interaction as well as for administrative and internal support positions that provide services within an organization.

ServiceFirst Questionnaire

ServiceFirst is a pre-employment assessment designed to measure the customer service orientation of job applicants. ServiceFirst assesses an individual's personal characteristics (being active, polite, and helpful) as they relate to service positions as well as how an applicant will handle various customer service situations. ServiceFirst is well-suited for the selection of employees for customer service positions and has been used to successfully select job applicants for positions such as customer service representative, service technician, cashier, and receptionist.