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Information Technology

Measure skills by choosing from a variety of IT assessment tools.

Computer Technical Support

The Computer Technical Support test measures the candidate's knowledge of how to set up and maintain a PC. Designed for technicians with hands-on experience, this test covers the following topics: External Physical, File Systems, Industry Standards, Internal Physical, Internet, Operating Systems, Support, and Working with Hardware.

Programmer/Analyst Aptitude

The Programmer/Analyst Aptitude test measures candidate skills that are typically found in successful programmers and business analysts. This test covers the following topics: Abstract Thinking, Analytical Reasoning, Attention to Detail, Mathematical Problem-Solving, and Process Mapping.

Server Administration

The Server Administration test measures the candidate's ability to administer a server using any platform. Designed for experienced administrators, this test covers the following topics: disaster recovery, hardware, management process, network addressing and routing, optimization, security, storage, users and resources.

Technical Help Desk

The Technical Help Desk test measures knowledge of core end-user problems using common office software and hardware. Designed for experienced help desk professionals, this test covers the following topics: Computer Systems, Configuring PC Peripherals, Hardware, Help Desk Operations, Networking, PC and System Terminology, Security, Software, Troubleshooting Process, and User Problems.

Additional Assessments Available: Web Services Concepts, Web Server Administration, Software Testing, Network Technical Support, etc.