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Sales & Marketing

Hire the right sales and marketing candidate with one of the many assessment options.

Industrial/Technical Sales Representative

This assessment measures a candidate’s potential fit for the role of an industrial/technical sales representative within the manufacturing industry by assessing two areas critical for effective performance: mechanical aptitude and work style. The Industrial/Technical Sales Representative measures: Mechanical Aptitude, Achievement/Effort, Persistence, Initiative, Independence, Self-Control, Stress Tolerance, Adaptability/Flexibility, Attention to Detail, Analytical Thinking, Leadership Orientation, Work Style Compatibility, and Overall Job Fit.

Marketing Concepts

The Marketing Concepts test measures the candidate's knowledge of the core areas of marketing. Designed for all professionals, this test covers the following topics: Advertising & Sales Promotion, Buying Behavior, Demographic Decision-Making, Distribution & Channel Selection, Information Analysis, Internal & External Company Evaluation, Market Analysis, Marketing Control Systems, Marketing Plans, New Product/Service Development, Pricing, and Selling Issues.

Marketing Strategy

The Marketing Strategy test measures the candidate's knowledge of the strategic issues involved in developing a marketing plan. Designed for experienced marketing professionals, this test covers the following topics: Planning, Assessing Opportunities, Segmentation, Satisfying Customers, Cost of Entry, and Integration.

PASAT 2000

This tool is designed to assess the personality attributes that are vital to success in a sales environment. The PASAT 2000 focuses on the behaviors most closely related to sales performance and is based upon extensive research into those job tasks and behaviors critical to sales. PASAT 2000 is a comprehensive instrument assessing personality attributes for professional sales positions and is very useful in selecting high achievers and identifying sales potential. The PASAT 2000 assesses the following scales and dimensions (including three that tap into impression management/response exaggeration): Motivational Adjustment, Emotional Adjustment, Social Adjustment, Adaptability, Conscientiousness, Emotional Stability, Social Control, Self-Assurance, Work Life Adjustment, Control, Self Assurance, Attentive Distortion, Adaptive Distortion, Social Distortion, and Overall Sales Orientation.

Sales Accelerator

The Sales Accelerator is an assessment designed specifically for the selection of individuals for a sales role. Based upon a job candidate’s results, his or her suitability for a specific sales role can be assessed. The Sales Accelerator measures: Develops Sales Leads, Qualifies Prospects, Makes Persuasive Presentations, Commits Time and Effort, Maximizes Results by Partnering, and Adapts Approach to Buyer Motivation.

Sales Achievement Predictor (SalesAP)

Sales Achievement Predictor (SalesAP) measures traits critical to success in sales and related fields such as sales management, marketing, and public relations. SalesAP reports on several dimensions integral to the sales role: Sales Disposition, Initiative-Cold Calling, Sales Closing, Customer Service/Inside Sales, Achievement, Motivation, Competitiveness, Goal Orientation, Planning, Initiative-General, Teamwork, Managerial, Assertiveness, Personal Diplomacy, Extroversion, Cooperativeness, Relaxed Style, Patience, Self-Confidence, and Managerial.

Additional Assessments Available: Career Automotive Retailing Scale (CARS), Sales Potential Inventory, etc.