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Soft Skills Assessment

LTC in partnership with Learning Resources, Inc. (LRI) can provide valid, criterion-referenced and nationally normed video-delivered programs to measure the soft skills required of most jobs and job-levels within an organization. These positions range from entry-level to highly skilled to managerial. Specifically, we can provide assessments and identified skill gap training for teller and financial services, supervisory & managerial, customer service, service, manufacturing, & production, secretarial & clerical, and sales.  The technology is called AccuVision® and it can be used to identify development needs of incumbents and to screen -in applicants who have requisite soft skills.

The assessment process produces a Feedback Report, which summarize the results of an individual’s assessment. That is, these reports identify where individuals have effective workplace behaviors, where further development is needed and they provide strategies and resources to develop skill deficits. The individual programs compare individuals’ interpersonal competencies – their soft skills - to a national standard of effective workplace behaviors defined by employers. Over 4,000,000 applicants, incumbents and future workers have been assessed by this technology.

Feedback Reports provide objective data for developmental activities, the outcome goal of which is a closer alignment between the knowledge, skills and abilities of the individual with the competency requirements of a job. These assessments can be used for hiring and skill gap training. 

What is the Value of Video-based Assessment?

For employers

  • Increased productivity - By selecting those candidates who have the greatest likelihood of success on-the-job
  • Reduced turnover - By helping to improve hiring decisions, employers find that turnover can be reduced by 30 percent - or more. Case Study Report: Over 8000 applicants have assessed by one company; 420 were hired; the correlation between assessment scores and managers' ratings and reduced turnover is reported here.
  • Accuracy in identifying developmental needs - Developmental resources are more efficiently used when video assessments pinpoint the specific strengths and training needs of individuals, groups, departments, regions or entire organizations
  • Realistic job preview - Video-based assessment can create more realistic job expectations for employees, thus bettering the chances of job satisfaction and work performance
  • Behavioral Interview Guides are provided to further support employers who interview applicants whose soft skills have been assessed.