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Continuing Education for Real Estate Agents

Wisconsin Real Estate License holders are required to complete 18 hours of continuing education to renew their licenses bi-annually by December 14th of the even-numbered years. The 18 hours of continuing education, which are standardized by law, are divided into six modules (3 hours each). Each module concludes with a required exam that must be successfully completed.

These classes provide 3 hours each of Continuing Education Credits as approved by the Department of Regulation and Licensing. To earn these 3 credits, you are required to attend a complete seminar. Lakeshore Technical College is an approved continuing education provider.

The following list represents seminars that LTC has offered and is not all-inclusive; contact us for information about when these classes will be conducted. Seminars in the real estate program include:

Core Classes:

  • Listing Contracts
  • Offer to Purchase
  • New Developments
  • Buyer Agency Agreements


  • Risk Reduction
  • Condominiums