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Continuing Education for Insurance Agents

These classes provide 4 hours each of Continuing Education Credits as approved by the Department of Commerce, and are certified by the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance Assessment Systems. To earn these 4 credits, you are required to attend a complete seminar. Be sure that you do not repeat a class in a two-year cycle. Lakeshore Technical College is an approved continuing education provider.

The following list represents seminars that LTC has offered and is not all-inclusive; contact Ruth at 1.920.693.1167 or email for information about when these classes will be conducted.

Continuing education seminars for insurance agents include:

  • An Underwriter’s Point of View
  • Annuities and Long Term Care Insurance College Funding/Pre-Retirement Planning for Baby Boomers
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Disability, Critical Illness, and Long term Care Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Ethics
  • Health Care Reform
  • Individual Health
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Insurance Law Changes
  • Life Insurance Fact Finding
  • Life Insurance Multiline
  • Life Insurance Basics
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Medicare and Medicare Supplements
  • Multiline Commercial Insurance
  • Non-Qualified/Qualified Annuities
  • Planning in the Senior Market
  • Retirement Planning
  • Understanding Social Security