Continuing Education for Insurance Agents

These classes provide 4 hours each of Continuing Education Credits as approved by the Department of Commerce, and are certified by the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance Assessment Systems. To earn these 4 credits, you are required to attend a complete seminar. Be sure that you do not repeat a class in a two-year cycle. Lakeshore Technical College is an approved continuing education provider.

The following list represents seminars that LTC has offered and is not all-inclusive; contact Ruth at 1.920.693.1167 or email for information about when these classes will be conducted.

Continuing education seminars for insurance agents include:
An Underwriter’s Point of View
Annuities and Long Term Care Insurance College Funding/Pre-Retirement Planning for Baby Boomers
Critical Illness Insurance
Disability, Critical Illness, and Long term Care Insurance
Disability Insurance
Health Care Reform
Individual Health
Insurance Fraud
Insurance Law Changes
Life Insurance Fact Finding
Life Insurance Multiline
Life Insurance Basics
Long Term Care Insurance
Medicare and Medicare Supplements
Multiline Commercial Insurance
Non-Qualified/Qualified Annuities
Planning in the Senior Market
Retirement Planning
Understanding Social Security

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