Air Monitoring Operations

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Air Monitoring Operations          

*Room P111 is in the Public Safety Training Center; use East Campus Drive entrance.

Course Description

Air monitoring is not simply turning on a meter. Air monitoring is a systematic real-time hazard and risk assessment of existing conditions that threaten the lives of our coworkers. Understanding is not just a nice thing to have, it is a life-saving necessity. Why and when do I have to apply correction factors? Is the LEL accurate in oxygen deficient environments? Why would the air monitor not see this gas that kills? How can I measure this? Is there a legal requirement to do this? (Hint: Yes!) Not all air monitoring is done with meters, and not all meters and air conditions are the same. Enhance your skills and capabilities associated with air monitoring from oxygen, to photo or flame-ionization and everything in between.

All sessions are taught by Ken Rost.


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