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Excel 2016 Seminar Series

Gain the skills you need to navigate Excel for professional results.

Seminar Title Date Time Class # Fee Room
SPRING 2021  LTC Cleveland Campus          
Excel 2016: Basics (Level 1) Mar 26, 2021 (F) 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. 25338 $75 L110
Excel 2016: Using Basic Formulas and Functions (Level 2) Apr 09, 2021 (F) 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. 25339 $75 L110
Excel 2016: Creating Charts and Pivot Tables (Level 3) Apr 23, 2021 (F) 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. 25340 $75 L110

*L103 meets in the Lakeshore Building, Cleveland Campus 

Course Descriptions

Excel 2016: Basics

Designed for people who are new to Excel. This course will explore the basics of spreadsheets, entering data, and becoming comfortable with the user interface. It will also provide an introduction to the many tools that will help you create and use your spreadsheets productively. You will also learn to format elements of your spreadsheet to improve the presentation of your data.

Excel 2016: Using Basic Formulas and Functions

This class introduces the concepts and terminology associated with formulas, and demonstrates how to create and edit, copy and paste, and how to check for errors in formulas. Functions are inbuilt formulas that save you time by allowing you to choose one that sites your needs rather than having to create a complex formula from scratch. You will be introduced to the Function Library, which groups useful functions and Excel’s formula bar, which is used to display and edit formulas. We will also look at how formulas can be used for conditional formatting.

Excel 2016: Creating Charts and Pivot Tables

Learn how to create a picture of your data using Microsoft Excel 2016's Chart Tools. Also learn to analyze a large amount of data by using Pivot Tables to look at the data in different scenarios. Combine these powerful tools and create Pivot Charts. This course is designed for the above-average user of Microsoft Excel 2016. 

All sessions are taught by Kelli Grasse, LTC Instructor.


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For questions or detailed information, call Ruth at 920.693.1167, or e-mail ruth.semph@gotoltc.edu.