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Seminar Title Date Time Class # Fee Room
Robotics - Robot Mechanical Maintenance (24 Hours)          

*All classes in the Nierode Building, use West Campus Drive entrance.

Robotics - Operator (8 hours)

Production operators who work with Fanuc robots, or foresee a future working with Fanuc robots, will benefit from this class. Topics include robot safety, investigation and evaluation of differences in jogging modes, program initiation from a teach pendant, and program fault recovery. Lab activities include:

  • Evaluating modes of jogging a robot, and best practices for given situations
  • Program initiation from a Fanuc teach pendant
  • Manually operating an end effector to remove product from end effector
  • Robot program recovery from a fault

Instructor: Jason Scholten, LTC Electro-Mechanical Instructor

Robotics - Intro to Programming (16 hours)

Those who work closely with Fanuc robots will gain a better understanding of the program. Note: This is a prerequisite for Robotics – Programming 24 hours.

  • Discussions focus on robot safety, tool frames, jog frames, user frames, saving & recovering Fanuc robot controller memory
  • Lab experiences include creating tool frames using direct entry, 3 & 6 point methods, creating user and jog frames, & starting a program
  • How to save & recover programs you’ve created

Instructor: Jim Gruenke, LTC Electro-Mechanical Program Coordinator/Instructor

Robotics - Robot Mechanical Maintenance (24 hours)

Although the focus is on the Fanuc R30iB controller, the concepts covered can be applied to several other series of Fanuc controllers. Industrial maintenance professionals who troubleshoot and repair Fanuc robots will: 

  • Discuss the function & relationship of electrical control components, including communication & power flow
  • Participate in lab experiences focusing on troubleshooting using fault codes, symptoms, file manipulation, and backups
  • Setup & configure robot & digital I/O equipment
  • Discuss robot set-up procedures involving collision detect, payload schedules, and axis limits

Instructor: Jason Scholten, LTC Electro-Mechanical Instructor


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