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Seminar Title Date Time Class # Fee Room
Robotics - Robot Mechanical Maintenance (24 Hours) Mar. 21, 28 & April 4, 2022 (M) 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. 25416 $745* N129**

*The price for this class includes lunch.
**All classes in the Nierode Building, use West Campus Drive entrance.

Robotics - Operator (8 hours)

Production operators who work with Fanuc robots, or foresee a future working with Fanuc robots, will benefit from this class. Topics include robot safety, investigation and evaluation of differences in jogging modes, program initiation from a teach pendant, and program fault recovery. Lab activities include:

  • Evaluating modes of jogging a robot, and best practices for given situations
  • Program initiation from a Fanuc teach pendant
  • Manually operating an end effector to remove product from end effector
  • Robot program recovery from a fault

Instructor: Jason Scholten, LTC Electro-Mechanical Instructor

Robotics - Intro to Programming (16 hours)

Those who work closely with Fanuc robots will gain a better understanding of the program. Note: This is a prerequisite for Robotics – Programming 24 hours.

  • Discussions focus on robot safety, tool frames, jog frames, user frames, saving & recovering Fanuc robot controller memory
  • Lab experiences include creating tool frames using direct entry, 3 & 6 point methods, creating user and jog frames, & starting a program
  • How to save & recover programs you’ve created

Instructor: Jim Gruenke, LTC Electro-Mechanical Program Coordinator/Instructor

Robotics - Robot Mechanical Maintenance (24 hours)

Focus on the Fanuc Ri-30b controller, though the concepts covered can be applied to several other series of Fanuc controllers. Industrial maintenance professionals who troubleshoot and repair Fanuc robots will go through: 

  • Discussions on the function & relationship control components, as well as troubleshooting
  • Lab experiences focusing on troubleshooting using fault codes, symptoms, file manipulation and backup, and re-mastering 
  • An overview of Fanuc DCS safety software

Instructor: Jason Scholten, LTC Electro-Mechanical Instructor


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