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KOHLER Center for Manufacturing Excellence

At LTC Advanced Manufacturing careers begin in The KOHLER Center for Manufacturing Excellence. This newly renovated and expanded center of excellence facilitates the development of an educated, skilled, trained and certified advanced manufacturing workforce for local employers. By combining state-of-art facilities and equipment with hands-on instruction from experienced faculty, this world-class center prepares students for high-demand manufacturing careers.

We invite you to take a look inside the Kohler Center for Manufacturing Excellence. Many areas were sponsored by local industry and employers to help build a pipeline of skilled manufacturing workers to meet local workforce demand.

Plastics Engineering Company Manufacturing Building

Welding and Industrial Maintenance students train on the most current equipment used in today's industries.

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Nierode Building

Home to seven of our Advanced Manufacturing programs, this state-of-the-art facility offers students hands-on experience with the cutting-edge equipment used on manufacturing floors.

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We appreciate the generosity of our campaign donors for supporting the expansion and renovation of LTC’s manufacturing training facilities.

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