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Driving Skills Course

State-of-the-art and one-of-a-kind

The Lakeshore Technical College Driving Skills Course offers the most advanced and high tech driving training in the area. Its state-of-the art roadway and lighting and signal technology not only prepare emergency vehicle operators for on-the-job encounters but offer enhanced driving skills to seniors and new drivers. New motorcyclists receive comprehensive training on the LTC Driving Skills Course while commercial drivers like delivery and school bus drivers focus on crash avoidance.

Get trained at the LTC Driving Skills Course

Municipal services: Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS
General public: motorcyclists, seniors, new drivers

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Driving Skills Course Features

The LTC Driving Skills Course is the most innovative technical driving course for public use in the state. Five turns and multiple obstacles test the driving skills of law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical service students as well as teen and senior drivers and motorcyclists. The wide shoulders and limited fixed obstacles on our rolling course offer students a safe space to practice defensive driving techniques and correct mistakes.

The half-mile asphalt roadway is lighted with adjustable overhead lights with dimming capabilities to simulate different levels of natural light. Instructor-controlled in-ground signal lights enable instructors to remotely direct students on the course. Drivers can receive last-minute indications of driving direction to practice split second response and handling.

LTC instructor trainers lead all Driving Skills Course classes and are certified to train new skills course instructors from across the country.