Driving Skills Course-EMS

EVOC For EMS Class

The Emergency Vehicle Operation Course for EMS is a 14 hour course modeled after the National Highway Transportation Administration's EVOC program. It provides the student with eight hours of classroom and lab instruction and six hours of practical driving scenarios to increase the student's capabilities to safely and effectively operate emergency vehicles.

Training Exercises Covered

This class will allow students to practice the following exercises on LTC's Driving Skills Course: serpentine, perpendicular parking, straight line braking and backing, diminishing clearance, and slow speed lane changes.

Training Classes Available

Many ambulance and fire department insurance companies require or provide discounts for completing an Emergency Vehicle Operator course.

Instructor Qualifications

Instructors for this class are experienced LTC EMS educators and emergency vehicle operators.

Equipment Provided

All driving skills exercises will be prepared for the students to bring their service's emergency vehicles or utilize LTC vehicles.

Class Schedule and Rates

For current tuition rates for these courses and to receive the schedule of classes call 1.888.GO TO LTC, Ext. 1109.

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