Driving Skills Course-Fire

Entry Level Driver Operator Pumper and Certified Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Classes

LTC is pleased to offer the Entry Level Driver Operator Pumper and Certified Fire Apparatus Driver Operator classes. The 30 hour Entry Level Driver Operator class prepares the pumper operator to drive fire apparatus and operate fire pumps. This course also meets the Department of Commerce Chapter 30 requirements for new fire pumper operators. The 66 hour Certified Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator course exceeds the Commerce 30 requirements and includes additional information and exercises that permit the graduate to take the State Certification examination for Driver/Operator pumper.

Training Exercises Covered

Both classes allow the student to practice and develop driving skills such as: serpentine, alley dock, diminishing clearance, station parking drill, and the confined space turn around.

Training Classes Available

Successful graduates may advance their capabilities by taking the Entry Level Driver/Operator-Aerial course (6 hours) or the Certified Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator-Aerial course (36 hours).

Instructor Qualifications

Instructors are certified with the Wisconsin Technical College System as Fire Apparatus Driver Operators and Fire Instructor I or higher. They have completed the required train the trainer components to present this education and have years of experience driving and operating pumper and aerial fire apparatus at emergency incidents.

Equipment Provided

Students are permitted to bring their department apparatus to use during driving and pumping exercises. If LTC fire apparatus is used for the Certified Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator course, students will be required to obtain a CDL learner permit from their local DMV.

Class Schedule and Rates

Both classes are tuition funded for students that successfully complete the classes and are members of an area fire department. Textbooks are required to be purchased for the certified Fire Apparatus Driver/ Operator class and are available at the LTC Bookstore. For current tuition rates for these courses and to receive the schedule of classes call 1.888.GO TO LTC, Ext. 1109.

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