Driving Skills Course-General Public

Crash Avoidance

Both experienced and new motorists need training in crash avoidance techniques. Our programs for new drivers and seniors looking to refresh their skills address topics including vehicle dynamics, driver reactions to hazards, adjusting to weather conditions, and tire blow-out.

Training Exercises Covered

Training for new drivers is focused on overcoming distractions and handling a vehicle during dynamic situations. This training is intended to supplement and surpass the standard drivers education and behind the wheel programs.

Training for seniors includes an in-depth discussion of the effects aging has on the average driver. With the senior population growing rapidly, this course will assist those drivers in adapting to today's demands and potentially prolong their time as a driver.

Instructor Qualifications

Experienced LTC Driving Skills Course instructors teach each class.

Equipment Provided

In addition to the state-of-the-art driving facility, training vehicles are available.

Class Schedule and Rates

For current tuition rates for these courses and to receive the schedule of classes call 1.888.GO TO LTC, Ext. 1109.

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