Driving Skills Course-Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement In-Service and PIT Training

The Law Enforcement In-Service class is a combination of classroom and driving training and fulfills the State mandate for law enforcement training. The Law Enforcement Pursuit Intervention Technique Training class covers advanced law enforcement driving techniques.

Training Exercises Covered

During In-Service classes students will use the Driving Skills Course to practice evasive driving, pursuits, skid control, controlled braking, serpentine, and backing. PIT Training includes advanced pursuit, controlling skids, and pursuit immobilization techniques.

Training Classes Available

Half day and full day classes are available. Law enforcement agencies can also schedule multiple day in-services.

Instructor Qualifications

Two on-site master instructor trainers are certified to train new skills course instructors. All basic level courses are taught by state certified instructors.

Equipment Provided

Agencies are encouraged to use their department vehicles, but LTC vehicles will be available for an additional fee. PIT vehicles will be available.

Class Schedule and Rates

For current tuition rates for these courses and to receive the schedule of classes call 1.888.GO TO LTC, Ext. 1109.

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