Driving Skills Course-Motorcycle

Motorcycle Basic Rider Class

The Motorcycle Basic Rider class is 16 hours in length which consists of six hours of classroom instruction and ten hours of actual riding. Students successfully completing this course will receive the MV3575 Motorcycle Skills Test Waiver Form. This form is proof that a student has successfully passed the Motorcycle Road Test and can then be taken to any DMV to apply for a Class M driver's license endorsement.

Training Exercises Covered

The Basic Rider class will teach students how to safely operate a motorcycle in various situations. Skills taught include operating the controls, starting and stopping, braking, shifting, cornering, and defensive driving strategies. All skills are demonstrated and then practiced allowing the student to become comfortable with the maneuver.

Training Classes Available

The Motorcycle Experienced Rider Course consists of six hours of actual riding.

Instructor Qualifications

Experienced motorcycle instructors are trained and certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and approved by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Equipment Provided

LTC provides the motorcycles for class. Helmets and gloves are available, but we recommend students bring their own if possible.

Class Schedule and Rates

For current tuition rates for these courses and to receive the schedule of classes call 1.888.GO TO LTC, Ext. 1109.

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