Fire Service Training Courses (Non-degree)

Course TitleClass NumberDatesTimesDay(s)Location
FF Entry Part A2230001-24-15/02-21-158am-2:30pmSatLTC Cleveland
FF Entry Part A2229903-10-15/04-09-156pm-9pmT/ThLTC Cleveland
FF Entry Part B2230301-03-15/01-31-158am-2:30pmSatLTC Cleveland
FF Entry Part B2230102-28-15/03-28-158am-2:30pmSatLTC Cleveland
FF Entry Part B2230204-14-15/05-14-156pm-9pmT/THLTC Cleveland
Haz Mat Ops2230602-07-15/02-14-158am-4:30pmSatLTC Cleveland
Haz Mat Ops2230404-11-15/04-18-158am-4:30pmSatLTC Cleveland
Haz Mat Ops2230505-19-15/05-28-156pm-10pmT/THLTC Cleveland
Fire Cert Part C2230802-21-15/03-28-158am-2:30pmSatLTC Cleveland
Fire Cert Part C2230704-25-15/05-30-158am-2:30pmSatLTC Cleveland
Basic Rappelling +2231504-23-15/04-25-156p/9p-9/230pSatLTC Cleveland
High Angle Ropes LI++2231405-02-15/05-30-158am-3:30pmSatLTC Cleveland
Written Tests 

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  LTC Cleveland


  ++ not a 2% funded course
 Entry Level Part A and Part B (30 hours each) introduces the participant to the basic knowledge and skills necessary to safely perform fire   fighting functions under direct supervision. The targeted audience is individuals new to the fire fighting field. These courses include training in protective equipment and breathing apparatus, placing ground ladders, stretching hoselines, nozzle selection and handling, building search and rescue, ventilation, and awareness to hazardous materials.

Fire Cert Part C (36 hours) prepares the participant to be able to perform fire fighting functions at a minimum nationally recognized level under direct supervision. The targeted audience is individuals who have completed the entry level series of courses and wish to increase their knowledge and skills base to the next level. This course includes training in building construction, advanced forcible entry, utility safety, ropes and knots, and fire-ground communications.

Hazardous Materials Operations (16 hours) prepares firefighters to recognize hazardous materials, determine and don appropriate protective ensemble, and initiate defensive actions to protect the public, environment, and property from the effects of a hazardous material release. This course is designed for emergency responders to a hazardous material release and is required for firefighters seeking Certification as a Firefighter I.

High Angle Ropes Level 1 (27 hours) This course provides learners with the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform high angle rope rescue operations consistent with the Job Performance requirements of NFPA 1006 Chapter 6 Level 1, 2008 edition.

Basic Rapelling ( 8 hours) Provides the learner with the opportunity to gain fundamental knowledge of rappelling techniques, safety hazards, harnesses and equipment, basic ropes, knots, and hitches. Learners will have the opportunity to rappel from elevated structures with multiple rappelling devices.

Written tests. Written tests will be periodically scheduled throughout the semester to allow students needing initial or retesting. You must preregister at least two weeks before the exam by calling the Fire Coordinator (920) 693-1347.

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