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When you bring LTC FutureForce into your business, you'll obtain the services of skilled students, gain exposure to new ideas and perspectives, gauge the talents of a new generation of workers and prescreen potential future employees.

Internship Process

  • You will discuss your internship interests with internship coordinator, Foua Hang.
  • Your firm or company name and internship description will be placed on the Wisconsin TechConnect website for review by prospective interns.
  • Students will contact the sponsor(s) of their choosing, preferably with a cover letter and resume.
  • Internship sponsors are encouraged to evaluate the student's abilities and skills though an interview.
  • Internship sponsors have the option of sponsoring one or more interns during an academic semester, including summer.
  • Internship sponsors have the option of declining to sponsor an intern.
  • The student, internship supervisor, and internship instructor sign an agreement that specifies the duties and obligations of each.
  • The student signs a confidentiality agreement.
  • Internships can be paid or unpaid.

Internship Details

  • Students can earn one to four credits for their internship based upon the student's program. View LTC's program offerings to find out more about student learning outcomes and abilities. Click here.
  • Students must receive approval from their faculty instructor in order to earn course credit.
  • The credits are earned through performance of tasks at the direction of the on-site supervisor as well as completion of a work-related project. The number of credits dictates how many hours the student must complete on site.
  • Both the internship supervisor and the faculty instructor evaluate the intern's performance.

Student Qualifications

  • Students are generally in their second year of their program.
  • Generally, students must meet minimum credits earned and GPA per program eligibility requirements.

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