Automotive & Light Truck Mechanical Repair Schedule

Our Automotive Maintenance Technician program accepts requests from the general public for automotive repairs. This is a learning environment and repair times are usually longer than you may experience at a dealership or independent repair shop. We accept work for the below indicated dates. If we can help you, please complete the work request form.

August 19 to September 22

  • Antilock Brake Repairs
  • Brake Wear Inspections
  • Complete Brake Servicing

September 23 to November 2

  • Steering and Suspension Repair
  • Wheel Alignment

November 3 to December 16

  • Engine Oil Consumption and Noise Diagnosis
  • Non-electrical Engine Concerns

September 30 to December 16

  • Electrical System Repairs
  • Air Bag System Diagnosis
  • Battery Testing & Replacement
  • Starting Motor and Charging System Testing & Replacement
  • Body and Interior Lighting Diagnosis
  • Power Windows, Door Locks and Seats
  • Gauges, Fuel and Temperature
  • Heater Blower Motors and Controls
  • Rear Window Defoggers
  • Trailer Wiring Installation & Repair

January 14 to April 10

  • Axle Shaft and Driveshaft Servicing
  • Clutch Installation
  • Differential Repair
  • Manual Transmission Repair

January 14 to March 10

  • No Starts- Engine cranks but will not run
  • Ignition System Diagnosis and Service
  • Fuel System Diagnosis and Service

March 21 to May 10

  • Driveability Concerns
  • Failure of Emission Test
  • Repair or Replace Various Engine Sensors
  • Check Engine/Service Engine Soon lights

April 10 to May 16

  • Cooling System Service

Interested? Click here for the work request form.

Auto Collision Repair Schedule

In the process of training students in our NATEF certified program, customer vehicles are needed. We request vehicles 8 years old or newer.

September to December

  • Not accepting customer work

January to February

  • Accepting limited repairs for dents and scratches

March to June

  • Larger collision repair jobs
  • Complete re-paint

NOTE: We do not accept large rust repairs or vehicles for restoration.

 If we can help you, please complete the work request form.

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