Faculty Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open and Affordable Textbooks

Achieving the Dream (ATD)

Community Colleges that particpated in ATD's OER grant created OER's specific to community college courses. Child Development, Sociology, Pyschology, Communication, Business, Microeconomics, and more. 

OpenStax College

Out of Rice University, peer reviewed, quality open textbooks with interactive components. There are some amazing textbooks available here, with more in production.

College Open Textbooks

This effort funded by the Hewlett Foundation, seeks to drive adoption of open textbooks. Many books shared on this resources are reviewed.

Open Textbook Library

Hundreds of complete, open college-level textbooks collected by the University of Minnesota.


Works with experts to compile web-based openly available content into the same general arrangement of textbooks. You can actually search the ISBN of your current textbook to see what content Boundless would use to replace it.


A multi-institutional venture out of UC Davis to develop the next generation of open-access textbooks. Books in Chemistry, Biology, Math, Statistics, Physics, Social Sciences, Engineering, Business, and more.

FlatWorld Books

Publishing platform re-writing the rules of textbooks. Textbooks that meet the highest standards at a fraction of "big publisher" prices.

Courses and Courseware

Lumen Learning

Candela – Incorporates OpenStax textbooks into affordable e-books with curated text, video, interactives, and other learning materials.

OER guides by subject

Google Docs made by Portland Community College librarians in response to requests for help from instructors (Use Chrome browser to open).

Open Learning Initiative

The Open Learning Initiative offers online courses to anyone who wants to learn or teach. Aim is to combine open, high-quality courses, continuous feedback, and research to improve learning and transform higher education. Geared towards STEM courses.

Open Oregon

Educational Resources and OER Textbooks created at Community, Technical and 4-Year Colleges in Oregon through state grants and funding.

Open Course Library

81 of Washington's most enrolled courses. Great community college content


Saylor offers full courses online. It can be really helpful to use the reading lists from Saylor to find and organize your courses.

Saylor guides by subject

These are OER guides by subject/class created for instructors building open courses. Excellent resource.

Large OER Lists & Repositories


Lists and links harvested from the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources list serve (http://cccoer.org ). This is a work in progress and will grow as suggestions come in.

Mason OER Metafinder

This search engine from George Mason University is connected to 15 major OER repositories.

Skills Commons

OER and program support materials by occupations created by various community and technical colleges. (State of California funded)


This repository is one of the biggest and more famous places to find and share teaching resources.

OpenStax CNX

Large repository of individual teachers' content, some courses and lots of modular writings about a variety of topics; all related or complimenting OpenStax Textbooks.

OER Commons

This resource seeks to collect and distribute a variety of OER at a variety of levels and subjects.

Orange Grove

Florida's collection of open education sources.

QUBES Biology & Math

Learning materials, software, data, and models for teaching quantitative skills in undergraduate biology courses. QUBES is developed in part by faculty at the University of Pittsburgh.


Materials in the Applied Math and Science Educational Repository are free for use & adaptation. Most are high school/community college level.



Inspiring thinkers on a range of subjects present big ideas and lectures on a regular basis- completely CC licensed.

Khan Academy

Hundreds of short educational videos covering many subjects; especially strong collections in science and math.

PhET Science Simulations

These interactive tools from the University of Colorado at Boulder are mostly CC licensed.

Resources about open pedagogy, copyright, licensing and Creative Commons

Open Pedagogy Notebook

Teaching and learning theories, sharing practices, examples, community network to 'open' education. 


sSelf-guided courses on copyright, licensing, and Creative Commons

#GoOpen Wisconsin

Wisconsin DPI Digital Learning Plan: Open Education Resources (OER) Project

Creative Commons

Learn how to use & remix openly licensed content, how to give attribution, and what licensing means.

List adapted from: Big List of Resources - OER - Open Educational Resources - LibGuides at University of Pittsburgh

Accreditation Support

We work with programs to support their program accreditation guidelines. Let us know how we can help. Contact Kelly Carpenter for a customized program resource list compiling material the library offers related to your course topics.


Course Reserves

Set materials aside for the exclusive use of your students, to support class instruction.

Place your Course Textbook on reserve for a 4 hour checkout by filling out this request form and send the form and book to the library.

Hold Office Hours

Reserve a table to hold office hours in the Student Resource Center. Customized signage will be provided. 

Inter-Library Loan

Request materials for free from other libraries. Faculty can borrow material for courses they teach, classes they’re taking for advance degrees, or for personal use. Most material takes about a week to get to LTC and can be borrowed for one month or longer.

Search on your own using the Wiscat and Worldcat links on the library webpage, submit the Inter-library Loan form, or email us the title, author, ISBN of the material(s) you’re looking for, and we’ll place the request for you.

Library Orientations/Resource Sessions for Students

In Class Sessions
Library staff visit your class to demonstrate research techniques and the use of online databases. We try to tailor library sessions to your specific courses or assignments. You can help us by providing information about the assignment(s) parameters and specific topics. We highly recommend tying your library session to an assignment that requires students to use library resources.

Choose a session for that works best:

  • One-time customized session related to a specific course assignment.
  • Customized session followed with hands-on practice or an introduction of their assignment. Library staff can stay to assist students with questions as they explore.
  • For online course-takers or those unable to attend in person, we offer a video overview of Library Resources.

Drop-In Sessions
Require students to attend a drop-in session outside of class time. Drop-in sessions are offered the 2nd and 3rd weeks of each semester. Check our Research Help page for dates and times.

We work with students on research assignments and give database demonstrations all semester long. Send students our way have them call (920.693.1149) or email to make an appointment.  

Library Orientations/Resource Sessions for Staff

We would love to meet one-on-one with you to review library resources available to supplement your instruction. Let us know of an idea

Study Rooms

Reserve a study room for one-on-one or small group meetings. Faculty have used study rooms for student meetings, mock interviews, in-class group projects, and more. Give us a 24-hour heads up so we can make sure rooms are available.

Current LTC Faculty or Staff may borrow any of the Staff Equipment items listed below. Click on the item name to view more information including how long an item may be borrowed.

Items are picked up and returned to the Library desk, located inside the Student Resource Center, L160.

We have more equipment available for students and staff on our Devices & Equipment page.

Contact the Library library@gotoltc.edu or 920.693.1130 for more information.



External DVD Drive

External DVD Dives



Mobile Hotspot 4G

Mobile Hotspot 4G

Sprint USB Modem

Sprint USB Modem

Microphone Headphones

Microphone Headphones

Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras

Numeric Keypads

Numeric Keypad

USB Computer Speakers

USB Computer Speakers



Tripod for Tablets

Tripod for Tablets

Digital Voice Recorder

Digital Voice Recorder



ELMO Doc Camera

ELMO Doc Camera


To request an item for a specific period of time:

  1. Click the hyperlink title of the item you want.
    Staff Instructions - Click On Item you would Like, then on Book It.
  2. Select Book It.
  3. Log in with your first or last name and employee ID number #.
  4. Select your Begin Time, the specific item you want, and your End Time*.
    *Length of time cannot exceed the maximum check out period for that item (Example: Laptops have an 8-week checkout period; Mobile Hotspots have a 1-week checkout period).

Contact the Library library@gotoltc.edu or 920.693.1130 if you have questions or if your request falls outside the online booking limits (we can make special arrangements with you).

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