Renewable Energy

Solar Panel image

Together, LTC's wind and solar installations produce a total of 197,500 kWh per year—enough energy to power more than 17 average American homes for one year.


65 KW Vestas V-15 Wind Turbine

  • The Vestas was the first wind turbine installed on LTC's campus and the only turbine that faces into the wind.
  • Southeast of the turbine is a 50-meter meteorological (MET) tower that collects wind speed, wind direction and temperature data.
  • The average annual energy production is 50,000 kilowatt-hours, enough energy to power approximately four average American homes per year.

50 KW Endurance E3120 Wind Turbine

  • Rising 120 feet over the campus, LTC's Endurance wind turbine produces approximately 100,000 kilowatt-hours annually, enough energy to power 10 average American homes each year.
  • Endurance's 29-foot blades give it the largest rotor diameter of the four LTC turbines.
  • The turbine also features pneumatic brakes which is uncommon in the small wind market.

50 KW Entegrity EW50 Wind Turbine

  • Unlike the Vestas and Endurance wind turbines, the Entegrity has no nacelle and sits atop a monopole tower.
  • It is the loudest wind turbine on LTC's campus due to its blade design, planetary gearbox and hollow steel tubular tower.
  • The Entegrity produces approximately 40,000 kilowatt-hours per year, enough energy to power three average American homes for a year.
  • The Entegrity tower is climbed on foot pegs while the Vestas tower is scaled by ladder, offering different experiences for student climbers.

2.5 KW Proven Wind Turbine

  • The Proven is part of the Innovative Drive Train Design for Small Wind Turbines project.
  • LTC's smallest wind turbine was installed to research and test the electronic components at ground level.
  • The Proven produces almost 1,500 kilowatt-hours each year.


Photovoltaic Panels

  • LTC's photovoltaic (PV) systems, or solar panels, collect and convert sunlight into electricity to help power the campus.
  • The west array is fixed while the east array tracks the sun, allowing for the comparison of two types of PV systems. The tracking array makes approximately 30 percent more energy than the fixed array.
  • LTC's PV system produces close to 6,000 kWh per year, enough electricity to power approximately one home for seven months.
  • A new solar thermal system on the Trade & Industry building includes a five panel drain-back solar array.
  • Its installation was partially funded by Focus on Energy and WE Energies and will result in an annual savings of $900.
  • The system supplements an efficient electric water heater providing hot water to the entire Trade & Industry building.
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