Share a Ride

Welcome to your connection to Lakeshore Technical College’s Student Carpool Program. By carpooling with other LTC students you can:

  • Save cash on gas
  • Park closer to the buildings with preferential parking spaces
  • Meet new people/reconnect with fellow students
  • Help LTC reduce the carbon footprint of the campus


I need to register my group

OneCreate a carpool group—a driver plus one or more adult riders.
TwoAll members of a carpool group must complete the Student Carpool registration form (available at the Student Services Welcome Center, Lakeshore Building Lower Level OR download and print using link provided). Return completed form to Student Services Welcome Center to get your carpool parking tag(s).
ThreeStart carpooling! On carpool days, hang your carpool parking tag from your rear-view mirror (in front of your student parking tag) and take advantage of any open carpool parking spaces in student lots only. Carpool parking spaces are first-come, first-served.



I would like to start/join a group

OneTell Others You Want to Carpool
Complete the Carpool Interest Form. This will allow other interested students to see your contact information as well as where you are coming from and what days you are interested in carpooling.
TwoFind Others Who Want to Carpool
Check the Carpool Interest Responses to see other students who have shared their information.
  • Students are responsible for initiating contact with others and creating their own groups.
  • Carpool groups are responsible for setting their own guidelines, schedules, etc.
  • Carpool groups may change at any time; students are responsible for securing alternate transportation.
  • Participation in LTC’s carpool program does not guarantee transportation.

Tips for Successful Carpooling


Who Can Carpool and How Does It Work?

An LTC carpool is defined as two or more adult members who commute together; carpool members must be current LTC students or staff.

Carpool participants must read and sign the LTC Liability Waiver on the Student Carpool Registration Form (available at the Student Services Welcome Center, Lakeshore Building Lower Level OR download online and print). Return completed form to the Student Services Welcome Center.

Carpool parking tags are issued to carpool group drivers only—upon completion of the registration form. Carpool parking tags are not transferable. Changes in carpool status should be reported by emailing

To park in designated carpool parking spaces in student lots (carpool spaces in staff lots are for staff only), hang the carpool parking tag from the rear-view mirror, in front of your student parking tag. Carpool parking tags are not valid off campus, in ADA spaces, reserved spaces, or any visitor space.

Designated carpool spaces may only be used on days when two or more riders are sharing a vehicle—carpooling. Carpool parking spaces are first-come, first-served. Unauthorized use of these spaces may result in a parking violation notice (see Enforcement info below).

What About Enforcement?

LTC Campus Police are responsible for enforcement of all parking regulations on campus.

Anyone who alters or fraudulently uses a carpool parking tag or makes fraudulent use of the designated carpool parking space is subject to a parking warning notice and may lose his/her carpool parking privileges.

Warnings and parking notices are issued to the vehicle in question. Any vehicle parked in a designated carpool parking space without a visible, valid carpool parking tag may receive a parking warning notice.

Any suspected misuse of the carpool program can be reported to staff in the Career Placement Center. All reports of misuse will be investigated thoroughly.

Need to Change or Discontinue a Carpool Group?

Email changes in your carpool group to (changes in riders and/or drivers/carpool parking tag holders or this group is no longer participating in the carpool program) include your name, student ID number and carpool tag number.

Carpool members may leave the group at any time and cancel his/her registration. Carpool members terminating participation in a carpool group are responsible for notifying other members of the group.

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